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Creating bubbles. Did you know that bubble gets it's color from iridescence? You can see the same effect on soup bubbles, sea shells or fuel on top of water. Imagine that bubble would freeze below 32 degrees Fahrenheit like all water. Isn't it interesting? Sadly they burst after a few seconds. Next time, when you have a cappuccino or beer with a foam, remember that it's just a lot of bubbles together.

Looking to the mirror. Of course, he knows he looks great. Dogs can also recognize themselves in the mirror and it can be reaaal fun. Let's check out this super kawaii video of a puppy's first mirror reflection.
Eating honey roasted peanuts. In the US, it's given by law that any product labeled as a peanut butter must be at least 90 percent peanuts. It was written in one article that Americans spend almost $800 million a year on peanut butter. Wow! Does Reeses count? Love it!
Live in the moment. He is optimistic and he knows that we really live in the present time and we shouldn't think of past or future, just enjoy today. Be optimistic and live like someone left the cage open. Kind of liked this article.
“What day is it?"
It's today," squeaked Piglet. 
My favorite day," said Pooh.” 

― A.A. MilneRosemary. That's why he enjoys sitting on the porch so much. It smells so good! Rosemary is one of the most commonly used herbs in Italy. Rosemary was relocated to England by the Romans in the eighth century. Be careful when watering this plant, overwatering is it's worst enemy. Read more facts.

Sleeping! And who doesn't, right? If you're a student, then know, that sleeping directly after learning something new will improve your ability to remember it effectively! Approved! For example whales and dolphins fall only half asleep as their brain hemispheres take turns so they can continue surfacing to breathe. Amazing! Oh and this is amazing tool I use - it calculates when it's best for you to go to bed!
Nutella. Because he just can't help himself. I can't either. LOL If you ever wondered what to do with finished nutella when there's still some yummy chocolate spread, put some icecream in the jar of nutella, it is going to be perfect and proper finish!
Relaxing in the garden. He knows how important is to rest and turn your brain off sometime. A sunny day may do more than just boost your mood - it may increase levels of a natural antidepressant in the brain, they say. Another benefits of sun?
Reading letters from friends. Everybody must love the moment of finding a letter in a post box! Unfortunately, in this age of technology people usually message you on the Facebook. Me and Rilakkuma love sending letters and postcards from places we have been or just a letter for boosting somebodys mood. Try it too, try to go back to these oldschool things, it will make you happier.
Red, white, blues in the sky. Lana del Rey and US flag. He didn't explained why, he just said America is a lovely place to be. And we all agree, right?
Hanging with friends. Because life is about people you meet and things you create together with them. Now turn off the computer and go out explore, inspire yourself and meet new friends. XOXO

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