Visiting Lacie in the Modern Bridal Shop, Orlando

Today, i want to share with you my amazing experience with the Modern Bridal Shop in Orlando, Florida. If you ever want to get married, this salon is even worth travelling to Orlando. You will experience an amazing customer service and there are tons of dresses to try on and to pick from! And i am not even mentioning the fact that you can also order dress of your dreams from their website or catalogue if it's not in the shop. Custom requests are taken too of course. My stylish and gorgeous friend Lacie invited me to try some of the wedding dresses and she really is the best person to help you with deciding. She's got a great taste and is very helpful and patient. She consults every little detail with you, she listens to you, she is looking for a similar dress when that one was not fitting well, she patiently takes pictures of you in all the dresses so you can share with your family and friends. This studio doesn't have only wedding dresses but also prom dresses and accessories.

I tried very various pieces. I must say I kind of liked all of them. They have some good and stylish stuff in this bridal shop! I loved the "drop" on this flamenco style dress, and the next dress reminded me a shell. You can put the belt on or off, depends on you. I think the belt makes it more elegant and cute though. (Lacie's idea, I would not even consider the belt.)
This dress was the most expensive of what I tried. I must say, I really loved them. I just love lace around my neck, and I think this is definitely a masterpiece I would definitely go for if I had a bigger budget.
This dress was very simple but there was definitely something about them. Again, you can put the belt on, or not. Or you can put another one too if you do not like this golden one.
Lace, lace, lace. Bridal shops are your favourite place if you love laces. And I am sure you will love Lacie as well! ^^
She was just so full of new ideas. A real professional! Also she really was patient. And not just because we are friends! When I entered the shop, she was having an another client. And she didn't even know I came yet, I only heard her talking. She was the same lovely assistant as with me. I swear!
And this was my biggest favourite! The style! The lenght! The lace! The belt! And the way it makes me look more feminine. I don't usually have so obvious curves but this dress makes me look more "in shape".
Thank you Lacie for such a great time!
You can find this Modern Bridal Shop in Orlando, FL - 1920 E Colonial Dr. Happy shopping! I'm sure you will fall in love with this studio! ❤

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