Blue Bonnet ... And Blue Ocean!

The best time to go to the beach? Monday morning! Nobody's around and the ocean is all yours! 
Me and my babe always do the math and time our beach visit well. I don't like crowded places. Don't get me wrong, I love social life, but as far as beach goes, I prefer privacy. Check out my latest outfit below! Hope you will enjoy these pictures. Oooh, and not to forget! I have to tell you about the amazing shop that I found in Orlando! It is called Blue Bonnet and I got this super cute striped shirt there for just 5 bucks! Yes, I am absolutely serious! I just adore affordable and quality fashion! And who doesn't, right? I believe we all can still dress trendy even with a tight budget. And save few bucks here and there if you know where to go. Also, in Blue Bonnet, there is a lovely friendly lady who is ready to help you and answer your questions about personal style! I was totally impressed by their awesome selection! Going to stop by again soon! Love you guys and thank you for your support! XOXO

Top from Blue Bonnet, preppy style skirt and choker from Aliexpress, bracelet by Alex and Ani, and heart shaped sunglasses from Amazon.

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