Hanging out with the cutest!

I had a fun Sunday! Both Kristen and I love japanese food so she had an idea to go for a brunch to Bikkuri. I loved the idea of course! Kristen is a vintage lover and she always surprises me with her original outfit. This time, she had a new "bag" - a wooden box that blew my mind! It looked awesome in combination with her new vintage mustard dress. She got these two amazing pieces in Dechoes and that's exactly where we headed after the lunch! I was curious what else we can find there! Kristen's fashion game is definitely on point and I'm encouranging her to run her own fashion blog as I'm sure she would have a lot of fans. What do you think?
The box is just... magical! Love it!
We ordered some water, sweet potato rolls, soup and bento box.
Nom nom!

Kristen and her gifts. Isn't she freaking cute? ^^
Vintage choker and Czech candy!
As I mentioned, we visited Dechoes after... They have some really cool vintage pieces for good prices!
I remember having one... jeans jumpsuit!
Kristen got her yellow dress just few days ago there!
And she found this broche there today for ten bucks!
What a great afternoon! Thanks pretty lady!

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  1. You and your friend are too cute! x

  2. Aww! This is lovely post. Love the wooden purse! Aki (^ _ ^)/


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