Things I LOOOOOVE today and forever.

Everytime i go window shopping, I end up inside the shop. I have no idea why is this happening! I don't wanna buy stuff! Oh, wait. I do. LOL. Last time I visited The Florida Mall, I saw just so many cute little things that I want them all for myself! Let's take a look at these amazing kawaii items.
This looked like a stone and/or glass. Still not sure what it was, maybe kind of both. Anyways, it just looked super cute and I am sure I could use it as a talisman. (Well, a little bit bigger than stones usually are, but who cares?) They also had it in the green and blue color if I remember well. Urban Outfitters.

Hobby Lobby is my favourite place. The problem is that I never know where to look first and what to actually buy from all that stuff they offer for your DIY project. Las time I got some studs (stay tuned!), but in the beads section, I am always lost. I just want it all. Can I have that all please?
PINK! Everybody knows, right?! And who doesn't, let's go check the brand out! You can find some really stylish and COMFORTABLE clothes there! I do love pink things. Have I ever mentioned?
If you love Hello Kitty as much as I do, I'm sure you would love to have it just everywhere. On your clothes, underwear, socks, bed sheet, cup, towel, wallpaper... You can easily put this application on any piece of your amazing clothes. Read the instructions carefully though. I have some bad experience with ironing this stuff on my shirt. Also I am blonde. Hobby Lobby.
Did you know you can find these clothes hangers in Hobby Lobby? I did not! And I am definitely coming back for one of these pieces soon. Better leave at least one there for me!
I started loving owls thanks to my friend. She loved owls, and I was looking for owls to make her happy. And that is how I fell in love with owls. Is that clear? I desperately need this pillow! Papyrus.
OMG! When I saw this in Urban Outfitters, I remembered my childhood. A plastic box with a water and glitters inside that move when you shake it! OMG OMG OMG! I used to love this kind of things, and I have to admit, I still do. A lot. If you guys don't know what to give me for my birthday, this would make my day. And few days after. Thanks.
I know exactly what I would put in this cute case! My make-up! Isn't it just awesome? Yes, it is! Papyrus.
Nail polishes, an obsession of mine. These looked really good. Urban Outfitters.
Paper decoration to the princesses room. I think it might look really cool if you hang it around the lights in your room or somewhere by the window. Hobby Lobby.
I am not 6, I am actually 24 already. Pheeeew! But this was just too cute not to check it out. Papyrus
Such a stylish bird, right? Full of dried flowers and sea shells, this guy would be my favourite, to put anywhere in the house. Cute and lovely! Hobby Lobby.
I think I need to enter some carnival soon. I love to touch this stuff. And having it around neck? The best feeling! I swear I am not normal. LOL. Hobby Lobby.
This mirror, seriously, will break your heart, if you can't buy it. Every girl, and every lady who loves pink, must have this in her closet. That is why I need to start saving. Starting tomorrow. Hobby Lobby.
And this last thing from Hobby Lobby looked amazing in my hair! I can imagine this item could find a use in various DIY projects. Just loved the style and, yes, the color. Awesome!
Sweet pink dreams my dear readers! ❤

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