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Even though it takes time to find something special sometimes, you can get a real treasure in thrift stores. I just adore the feeling of finding cool pieces for much cheaper than I would pay somewhere else. And it's not just the fact that you can't beat the price. Every little piece has it's own spirit and story. This time we stopped in the Goodwill in Winterpark, FL, where the selection was really great I think. You never know what you find and that's the kind of fashion adventure that I love. Also you can improve your personal fasihon style for cheap and not regret how much you paid for this and that. Try to mix used and new things, experiment with styles or colours that you might not usually buy. If you only wear that pink shirt a few times, hey, it was only $5 instead of $40. Would you love to go check out some thrift stores today but you don't know where to go? Here you can search for the local thrift shops around you! How cool is that?

Before you buy anything, take a good look at everything, all the pearls, zippers, sleeves, fabric... so you know what you're getting and don't realize the imperfections at home.
Save money on things that you usually buy somewhere else. It is exactly the same thing, only used a few times. Or maybe not even that! This hat was for just $3 and it looked brand new!
Sometimes you can find pieces with the original label for like 1/4 of the original price. Another good reason to check out some thrift store places around you! 
OMG! This vintage pink color was breaking my heart! I wish it was my size! 
Books and magazines... thrift stores are not only about clothes! You can find the furniture, toys and things useful for every household there.
Porcelain dolls... Awww.
Sometimes, you also find really weird things too. But hey, it's just 5 bucks! Haha!
Men and women, both can get a good bargain here.
Books for kids, romantic books, sci-fi books - almost like a book store! I remember those charity shops in England. Loved it so much too!
Creepy! But pink, yay!
 Also know, that clothes at the thrift store are always laundered before selling.
I tried these two pieces. Stripped shirt for $5 with the original label and the dress was for $8 - I really loved the style but it was a kid size so I was not able to zip it on my back- What a pity!
Thrift stores are an opportunity to develop your own unique sense of style!
I just love thrift stores!

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  1. I wish that here were as good looking trift shops like there in Cali. Really amazing stuff!


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