Inspired By Japanese Style

This outfit was surely influenced by my hopeless passion for japanese fashion. Elegant collar dress with pastel details, sailor's blue and amazing flower belt! I found this dress on JollyChic where you can discover some super cutesy and great quality stuff (I already wrote about my good experience with this e-shop here)! And, with this dress... you basically don't need any other accessories or jewellery when wearing this awesome piece. It is just here for you, all in one! (Well, I had to put on my sunglasses because of the Florida sun, lol) I've been waiting for this brown wig so long! It took the Amazon's seller nearly 1 and a half months to deliver it, but it's definitely worth it. I love it very much as it looks real and it's very comfortable too. Hope you like this look! ^^ I think I am now going to check out some awesome shoes on JollyChic too! Have a lovely one, cutie pies!
Dress with belt from JOLLYCHIC.COM and sunglasses from Aliexpress.

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