More Sugar, Please!

❤ OMG, OMG, OMG! ❤ Yeah, I was like "O.M.G." when I saw THIS AMAZING DRESS in Sugarhill Boutique! I knew immediately that I must own this gorgeous fashion piece. I just love to wear something so special, elegant and cute at the same time. I also decided that this is going to be my Christmas dress for 2014! Sugarhill Boutique is a lovely and high quality UK e-shop with clothes for very reasonable prices! It is a family brand estabilished in 2006! How cool is that? I just love them! If you adore cutesy stuff, you will feel like home on their website and you will sugarely find yourself some amazing stuff. It almost seems to me that every single piece was touched by a kawaii mind, like this cloud sweater for example. oOOOH! Check out their jackets and coats too, and get ready for the winter! It is just GREAT to let some fresh British air visit your closet!
Collar dress with hearts from Sugarhill Boutique, pink bag from Ross, bunny rings from BornPrettyStore, deer necklace from Aliexpress and Keds shoes.

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