Barbie Print Pink Sweatshirt ❤

Yay, the weather forecast says it's going to cool down to 60F the following nights! Finally! I have been waiting for this for soooo loong! Time for me to get all my favourite sweatshirts ready! The nostalgic "hot tea" season is slowly coming to town, let's celebrate! I've had this cute Barbie Sweatshirt for 2 weeks only and I can tell you it's going to be my favourite essential for this fall. I usually browse tumblrs (feel free to check and follow mine HERE) and look for the inspiration... Sometimes I see things I truly love and absolutely want for myself. As I mentioned in my previous article I was looking for this certain type of sweatshirt for a very long time and then I finally found it for super cheap! It is ONE SIZE so it should fit everybody even if you are super tiny. Honestly, it's a little bit loose but I enjoy wearing oversized clothes during in the fall and winter because it feels super comfortable and cozy! I'm size S and you can see how the one size looks on me. 
Enjoy your weekend! Your Suzy xoxo

Barbie sweatshirt and necklace - Aliexpress, jeans -, shoes - ChiChi London.

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3 komentářů

  1. Very nice outfit. xoxo

  2. You're so pretty and you're hair are just perfect *ç* I'm jealous haha
    Wow this Barbie sweatshirt is so adorable!!

  3. Bomba, ta paruka byla vyrobena přímo pro tebe! :)))


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