Christmas Gift Ideas 2014

YAAAY! Christmas 2014 is coming and I'm super excited and happy as EVER! I DO love Christmas time and I never listen to people who complain about this time of the year. I simple won't let anybody spoil my Christmas. I love carols on the radio, decorations everywhere you go and I adooore searching for gifts for my family and friends! Because there's nothing better than seeing their faces when unwrapping the gifts! ❤ If you're a little bit stressed about Christmas presents because you never know what to get for your friends and family, you might appreciate my little gift inspiration created especieally for you, my readers! I didn't separate those ideas to the "men" and "women" section because sometimes I find myself being hooked by things that are meant for guys. Hope this post will be helpful for you. Let me remind you that the best way to get presents in time and without a rush is to order them online in advance! It's less than two months till Christmas!

♡ Kawaii Addict ♡
The first topic belongs to a cutesy stuff, of course! If you know somebody who likes pink color, toys and simply the cutest things you can imagine, let these people be surrounded with what they love the best! There are lots of ideas from plush toys, cute gadgets for daily use, to accessories etc.
Where? Rings -, panda pillow -, cozy boots -, kawaii notebooks -, knit jumper with heart -, wallet with a dog -, blanket -, cute pencils -, plush piggy -
♡ Music Junkie 
"Music is my life!" These presents will definitely work for somebody who likes listening to the music, exploring new bands, going to the shows or making her/his own music! If you're not sure about getting something more expensive just go for something smaller but still original - nice earbuds or decoration with music theme will make their day too!
Where? Earbuds -, clock -, turntable -, record bowls -, app gadget -, speakers -, portable vinyl player -, record bookends -, record amplifier -

♡ Hello Kitty Maniac 
Yes, this is me, how did you know? LOL. It's very easy to find a gift for those who adore this 40 y.o. Hello Kitty lady. Because you can never go wrong with anything that has the cute Hello Kitty face! 
Where? Roller skates -, watches -, pants -, pillows -, sewing machine -, kettle -, wooden spoons -, creepers -, badminton set -

♡ Fun Personality 
Is this person consantly joking around and always surprises you with some cool funny stuff? Then you lucked out and you have like a million options because these people are usually so open-minded and easy-going that you can dare to go for something crazy and unusual!
Where? Post-it -, back pack -, monster pyjama -, sumo costume -, emoti bomb -, face mug with space for cookies -, car sticker -, insta camera -, cheese maker set -

♡ Traveler and Outdoor Adventurer 
If you are lucky enough, this traveler is your partner or best friend and you get to travel with him/her! Traveling is amazing and it puts things in perspective. Every traveler will be happy for any kind of practical tools or anything that reminds him how much he loves meeting new cultures.
Where? Map notebook -, picture on the wall -, vintage mug -, travelling pillows -, tapestry -, stylish bottle -, hammock -, fish-eye camera -, deep sea sand art -

♡ Cosmetic Lover 
Boys or girls, anyone can be addicted to their favourite parfume or simple things that smell real good! If you know the taste of your friends and family, you can easily choose a fragrance, lipstick or eyeshadows. If you are looking for a Christmas gift for your best friend though, introduce her to something new and sweet that she doesn't even know about yet or never tried!
Where? Sponge rollers -, pink wig -, bubble gum lip scrub -, comforter bath foam -, fake eyelashes -, lipsticks -, eyeshadows -, temporar hair color -, soap -

♡ Gadget Junkie 
Maybe this person likes to be comfortable, maybe it's a technology addict or maybe he/she just likes practical gifts. You will make this person's day with something original. My hot Christmas gift tip is definitely the phone lenses for taking pictures (wide angle, macro, fish-eye!) as I'm using them and I love it!
Where? Candle -, clip lenses for your phone -, fruit keg tapping kit -, tools for cleaning shoes -, paper plane pillow -, heated boots -, smartphone photo cube printer -, watches -, coffe mugs -

♡ DIY (if you are on a tight budget) 
We all know this. Sometimes we are just trying to come up with ideas that wouldn't ruin our bank account. Show how original you are and make something with your own hands! You can really be creative here and enjoy yourself when making a gift for somebody else. Some of the ideas are hilarious and often even better than any kind of bought stuff!
Where? Take a look on and search for diy projects! You will find a lot of inspiration there, promised!

Did you buy any of your Christmas gifts yet? Let me know!
I could still use some inspiration!
❤ Your Suzy 

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  1. Ta peněženka s autobusem (rozuměj, jezevčíkem) je super.
    A tu sekci s Hello Kitty prosím neukazovat Patrikovi, jinak budeme mít doma nejen ten šicí stroj, ale i tu konev a kdoví co dalšího =D..i když zase, proč ne ^_^
    Nad insta foťákem už bloumám dva roky..zatím odolávám.

    Ta kniha "Our first year" by bylo něco pro mě <3

    Skvělý post, opravdu =)

  2. i love it! thanks lovely!! great post:*


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