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I hope you are having a lovely week❤ 
I'm getting ready for my first Halloween in the US and I'm super excited. YAY! Did you know they have special Halloween stores here, opened only like month before Halloween? How cool is that!? When I came into one of the stores yesterday (you could see the picture on my Instagram), I was totally impressed! I have never seen anything like that before! Halloween is HUGE here in the States. Anything you want to be, you can find a costume! They even think of every little detail, accessories and tools! No matter what you decide to become, you will be absolutely authentic super woman, ghost, cute bunny, scary nurse or blood seeking vampire for example!
Adorable top from Camaieu, preppy skirt from Aliexpress, laptop sleeve from caseable (make your own design here!), necklace from Amazon and shoes from Bershka.

In the meantime, I'm still keeping it casually cute as usual. Stay tuned for my Halloween post though, even if I'm working on Halloween, I'm definitely having a party after! I will keep you posted with my first trick or treat here in Florida. I loooove this super cute pastel combination. Isn't a turquoise color together with pink just the best? ^^ Check out new arrivals that Camaieu offers for the fall season! So damn pretty!

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  1. That top and bag are perfect!
    Btw., what will be your costume? =D
    I wanna huge halloween here too =(

  2. I love this and you are stinking adorable!! :)



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