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I want to share my experience shopping on AliExpress with you. A lot of people don't know about this chinese website with cheap clothing and other stuff. Or if they do, they are kind of concerned to trust it. I gave it a try many times and I must say I was more or less happy with what quality I got for the "you can't beat it" price. It pretty much depends on the seller and you can luck out once and be dissapointed next time. That's why you should always read reviews. I own a few tops, sweatshirts and accessories from AliExpress and other than receiving the wrong size once (I got a full refund and could keep the wrong item) everything went smooth. Just be ready to wait 2-3 weeks for your items if you don't want to pay fortune for express. 
Last time I gave a chance to this jewellery store where you have to order min $9 so you don't pay the shipping. All these items you can see in the gif were $11.79 in total. No kidding! The only thing is that it's still cheap jewellery so if you get soaked in the rain or just sweat a little bit more, the chains get darker after few days or weeks. You have to count on it and don't expect quality of gold for two bucks, that's all. If you guys want to give it a try, the best for you will be to order something really cheap and test it. Then you might want to order something more next time. Good luck with your shopping on Ali! Let me know your experience, feel free to comment. 
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