Power Of Cuteness

Hi cutie pies! Hope you all are doing brilliant! Today I want to show you a few kawaii things I saw recently.❤  I saw these AMAZING roller skates in Urban Outfitters in Miami! The same day I was wearing my whole turquoise outfit and my friends were joking about how it would match to my look. LOL. But seriously? This pair of roller skates would match to anything you can think of - oh, so retro, so cool! So cute! Definitely something to save up money for!

This cap is definitely different. I love sparkly pink things as you might know already. I always have to admire this fashionable stuff with rhine stones, and butterflies are my favourite. I can imagine wearing this cap with super simple outfit because it gives the whole look shine. Found in Miami.
This super cute puppy Barlow is a handsome man, isn't he? My friends got him like 5 months ago. Loved him so much when visiting them, he's such an adorable puppy! Loves to snuggle and likes to bite everything he sees. Do any of you guys have a French Bulldog?
Ooooh, Frozen! If you have ever seen, you understand why is everybody so crazy about it! I would proudly wear this shirt. x
My mind was blown when I saw and TRIED this stuff! It's a compact hair color that you just apply on your hair with your fingers! :-O Yes! You can find these in KIKO stores for 12 bucks but I already found the same stuff but much cheaper on Aliexpress and I ordered 4 colors, so stay tuned for me to show you how great this thing is! *so excited* !
Of course, Kitty Kitties! I loved these because their dresses were too stylish! Found these pretty ladies in a candy store in West Palm Beach and... guess what... yeah, I got the one on the left. ^^
Do you guys remember well? If you are a "nineties kid", this kind of chewing gums was everywhere. I remember destroying my teeth with this stuff on a daily basis when I was a kid. And now it seems to me so oldschool and vintage! LOL. Retro is great, right? Looks so delicious it's difficult to resist!
This Barbie shirt was on my mind for soooo loong! Have been admiring it on tumblr when I saw somebody in it. I was trying to find one cheap online but I only saw it for like 40 bucks. Whoa! Nope! Then, one day, browsing the Aliexpress, I saw it there for just 13 bucks + free shipping! Couldn't believe it and had to order it! I was very pleasantly surprised with the quality as well. You will see my outfit with this jumper soon enough! 
Hope you could bare so much cuteness^^

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  1. So cuteee. Need to visit the Urban Outfitters ... :(

  2. Oh my gosh thank you so much, I love your blog too! I am a new follower!

    Fashion gets Fierce.

  3. Barlow is so cute! I'd love to wear that Barbie shirt! 22 y.o and still a fan of Barbie movie :D



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