We Love Retro!

As you guys su(gar)ely know, I fall in love with SugarHill Boutique. Since I got my first dress from this brand (you could see my post right HERE) I can't even think about anything else. Their cutesy style is exactly my style and I could probably just buy them out. Another dress I ordered is this polka dot one! I love their sizing because everytime I get my item, it fits perfectly! And I love it in every little detail! This is the cutest polka dot collar dress I have ever seen! ^^  I especially adore the fact this fashion piece looks so typically British as I have a crush on British fashion since I visited York in the past. It is super quality and the material feels nice on your skin!

Polka dot retro dress - SugarHill Boutique, ankle boots - Quiz Clothing, above knee socks - Japan, bag - second hand, deer necklace - AliExpress.

It's feminine and fun! And the original cut highlights your shape even if you're a slim noodle as I am. LOL. Love how the skirt waves in the wind when I dance! Also: The zipper on the back side provides help when getting in. I have to mention my new shoes from QUIZ again too, as I feel like I can wear them with ANYTHING and they make the whole outfit look cool! Get them while on sale!
Oh yeeess, we love retro, don't we?! Yes, we do!

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  1. Sure, we do..we love retro! And you look amazing in that polka dot dress!! I want the same one on bed sheets <3 =D

  2. So beautiful ^^

    恵美より ♥

  3. Oh my goodness, this is seriously the cutest polka dotted dress I have ever seen! LOVE it!!



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