Angel Or Devil

When I was ordering this ADORABLE dress from ChiChi London, Not even in my deepest thoughts and expectations I would hope for seeing what Í saw when I opened the package! So gorgeous! I'm totally smitten with this dress and I can't wait to attend my upcoming Christmas events wearing it soon! I'm literally freaking out with happiness having this wonderful piece in my wardrobe! SO SO SO PRETTY! Not just great as a dress for your Christmas party but definitely also for some bridal events! Maybe even for the wedding!! So soft, so well done, perfect in details. Oh my gosh. I can't believe I own this masterpiece.
Amazing ChiChi Clothing dress and shoes, ombre wig from Amazon. 

ChiChi Clothing is a super reliable website to order from. I already have my most favorite high heeled shoes from them - STILL ON SALE! - Used in this outfit as the "devil" element. If you're wearing a dress like this you don't really have to worry about the rest. The pretty lace replaces necklace and any other accessories. I believe you could put on your white shoes on as well, but to me, it would be just too angelic. I like a little bit of a sexy devil. And different! Big thumbs up for the quality and fast shipping from ChiChi London❤ (PS: Sorry for more pictures than usual, I couldn't decide on which to publish and which to take out so you see the whole beauty of this dress! ^^)

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  1. Oh my gosh what a gorgeous dress, this would make a gorgeous wedding dress too!


  2. So beautiful I love the dress, the lacy design is wonderful!!

    恵美より ♥

  3. Wow, you are gorgeous! I love your blog, new follower now!

    (do you please wanna vote for me for the bloggerbattle? I would really appriciate that! :)

  4. Hey!
    I really like your Blog and Pictures! Do you want to support each other and follow via GFC? Only if you like my Blog. Lets stay in touch :)

    Sophia xx

  5. Wow Such a beautiful dress (*^*)
    You look like a princess!!

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  7. The dress is beautiful, really nice pick!

  8. look like a a princes..perfect magic session


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