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Accessories make a difference and upgrade any outfit to another level! I remember myself not wearing too much jewelry when I was younger. But the older I get, the more I fall for adorable and fashionable pieces. A great way of having many to pick from in the morning FOR CHEAP is to shop on the Born Pretty Store. It's usually really just a few bucks for the items you like. I ordered these beauties month ago and I got the package yesterday! (Yeah, the longer waiting period is the only bad side of buying cheap stuff!) The items look exactly as the picture promises, yay! If you are looking for some jewelry or Christmas gifts for your friends, order them now to make sure you get your package before the BIG DAY! (I'm so super excited about Christmas!)
Sooo, what did I get?
 Wing Shaped Brooch - This cute pair of angel wings will match with any shirt or dress with a collar! You can also use them separately or together and pin it on your cardigan.

White Pearl Bracelet - There's never enough pretty bracelets! People around you look at your hands a lot and you don't even realize it. That's why you should keep your hands clean and nails polished. This cute elegant bracelet will look even better if you paint your nails white!
Hair Band with Rhinestones - This is such an adorable hairband! When I was showing it to my mom on Skype, she was like: "OMG! Okay, so if you're ever getting rid of this in the future, make sure you forward it to me, okay?" LOL. She doesn't know that I ordered one for her too.^^
AND how is your experience with the Born Pretty Store? I have only had great experiences so far and I would recommend this e-shop. Even if you don't like the item you receive, you didn't spend a fortune on it and you can always make somebody else's day with a little gift if this doesn't work out for you.
Take care, cutie pies! Suzy xo

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  1. Very cute and elegant accessories ^^ I especially love the pearls and the wings!!

    恵美より ♥


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