All The Bunnies

Hi there! How is it going? Can you believe it's already end of January? How crazy, I feel like Christmas was yesterday! Anyways, instead of crying about how time flies, let's focus on lovely things in the future! For example Easter! Do you like Easter?? I probably didn't share with you yet, how Czech people celebrate Easter back in Prague where I was born. I really didn't want to bring this tradition over the sea because I've honestly always hated it!
Bunny sweater - Sugarhill Boutique, skirt - Zara, cat eye sunglasses - Giant Vintage, above knee socks - Japan, creepers - Aliexpress.

So, the guys make a whip ("pomlazka") from tree twigs, they come knock on the door of their lady friends (mom, grandmas, aunts, girlfriends, colleagues etc...) and spank them with the whip! It's considered to bring them a year of youth and health! How crazy, right!? That's not all though. The girls who were just spanked have to reward those guys. LOL They usually give them a shot, chocolate, some homemade cookies or dishes, or a traditional painted egg! Okay, let's repeate it again: Guys get an award for spanking girl's butts! Yup. Anyone want to visit? HAHA. I found a really nice page where you can read more about Czech Easter.

Czech traditions can be weird but people keep them from generation to generation, especially in old villages. I found some video of how it looks HERE! I got this super Easter-ish bunny sweater at Sugarhill Boutique and it feel soooo comfy! Sugarhill is so far one of my favorite brands for its quality and great shipping! They have some cute original stuff - check them out!

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  1. Krátké vlasy jsou u tebe prostě topka

  2. It looks lovely with the pixie cut.

  3. Two days ago we talked about the same..Janury is ending, unbelievable. And because Prague is missing snow this season completely, I now wish to have early Spring with lot of sun because those grey days are the most hated thing I know. Btw., Easter are great and that sweater is so cute ^_^. And yes, you look great in short hair ^_^
    Happy Monday,

  4. hello! your new reader here!
    the bunny shirt super kawaii!but since you pair it with frill skirt,it's not only cute but classy at the same time ^^

  5. That sweater with bunnies is really amazing! Nice grab.


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