Cutesy Spooky

Who said that you have to be either cute or scary-ish? Why not mix both and create the new Cutesy Spooky? This lovely dress by Holley Tea Time will help you to become anything you wish and still be yourself!
In my eyes, pink color mixed with black is a better pink! Black highlighs cute! Black does not have to mean dark and creepy, in our case it means big-eyed kawaii purple bats that are smiling cheek to cheek! It means little stars and moons! (Without the dark we would never see the stars!) In my Little "Cutesy Spooky" Kingdom you can find candy in every corner, all the ladies wear romantic make-up, Hello Kitty details and Holley Tea Time clothes and accessories. There's nothing better than being the cute and good witch, who only brings joy to the world! I would be one, if I could. Oh wait, I can! And you can too!
Holley Tea Time spooky dress, pink knit jumper from Marshalls, ChiChi London shoes, accessories were gifts, above knee socks from Japan.

I was wearing this adorable dress with my new pastel pink knit jumper from Marshalls because I think it compliments each other perfectly. Plus, you can still wear the dress even when it's cooler out. I put this black lace necklace with pearls on my neck, and accessorized my outfit with a big silicon Hello Kitty ring. In case you missed my first post about Holley, you can go back in time and read it here. So happy with the stretchy soft material that, together with the awesome petticoat, makes my body look more feminine. And nothing beats the original HTT design! I'm hooked I think. This is not the last piece I own I'm sure! Check out my brand new pictures and see how it looks WHEN KAWAII MEETS SPOOKY!

BIG THANKS to Woof Gang Bakery and Grooming for providing the lovely exterior for this shooting. I thought their little pink house is just super cute! They do candy for dogs! Such a good match with the little bones on my dress! xo 

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7 komentářů

  1. Hey you cutie spookie =D, looking adorable, as always ;). And that HK ring..hmmm..shame I didn't know about it before Paris ^_^
    Stay cute and smiley ;)

  2. Amerika Ti nejvíc sluší. ♥

  3. beautiful...definitely a cooler way to get dolled up...through a black to the the dress

  4. You are the cutest good witch in all the galaxies! And that pastel pink jumper is just to die for!!<333

    P.S: I love little shops like those who specialize in pastries for aninals. :)<3

    Vegetarian Courtesy

  5. No ono to už v té Paříži proběhlo :3

  6. Máš úžasné vlasy!!! :)


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