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Hi cuties! So I put together a little New York City gallery for you. The first day of our visit was super gloomy but we lucked out with the weather the next day, last Saturday. It was absolutely beautiful out so we just walked the streets and I was breathless most of the time! If you are my Pinterest follower, you know I'm all about travelling and new places. I even have a New York board there, full of fascinating pictures. You can't really see everything in the tourist guide in just two days but you can easily manage half of it, if you keep it only Manhattan-ish. As we did. So my goal for the next time is definitely to see Brooklyn (Bridge), statue of Liberty etc.

There's always something you haven't seen yet. And there's always next time. I would love to tell you what I liked, loved, adored and what hooked me. But I seriously don't know where to start when I look back. Lol. The buildings and skyscrapers are much bigger than they seem on the photos. I felt so tiny next to them! You can find various areas and meet different people from all around the world. This city is very multicultural and I loved it! If you love people watching you would feel like home in New York. Wherever you go, you see never ending inspiration! My soul was in euphoria when walking SOHO streets. Fashionable peeps everywhere. Girls and guys bringing style to another level. New York is one of the Fashion Universe that's for sure. All shades of hair colors, very original styles, friendly people hanging out on their porches during the lunch breaks, and plenty of tourists everywhere! Now I understand why Yellow cabs are so typical for New York City. If you took all the yellow taxis from the roads, there would be no traffic! (Maybe.) Haha. I was so impressed by New York that I set my new life goal and that is to live there at some point, even if just for a few months (during the summer most likely - you know I'm one spoiled Floridian girl). Don't get fooled though, as much as the city is beautiful, it can get very expensive if you do the math. That's why usually many people just save their money and visit once a year or so (American and also foreigners). I know people who are basically just making the ends meet with no extra cash on side. They make money just to pay the rent. But on the other hand, they get to live in the most desired place for so many people! And as you know, we sometimes willingly sacrifice things in order to get WHAT or WHERE we want in life. Right? Doesn't really matter whether you just ashamedly thought of your super expensive hand bag or potential living in the most expensive city. LOL. Life is about your own decisions and taking chances!

Have you ever been to New York? What places would you also recommend to visit and are not in the tourists guides? As well as I know Prague very well, you might be a New York resident and have your favorite spots. Please feel free to share them in the commentsMy secret tip to share is not to pay for expensive height views but do your research on high hotels in popular areas. You might be able to get this gorgeous view just from a hotel rooftop! Read this hack before you travel to NY!
SOHO is a very inspirational area of NY for those who love fashion and people watching. If you plan on shopping till you drop in New York City, this is where you usually go. Famous brands, world's best designer's shops and lots and lots of good vibes. Maybe you even meet some popular models here! They hang out in here very often, especially during NYFW!
HUGE SKYSCRAPERS! First time I looked up, I thought it can't be even real! I could barely see the top of the building. Holy moly, this is HUGE! Love the way it's build so you can see the wonderful clouds and blue sky in the windows like if it's a mirror!
Gorgeous Chrysler Building is sometimes mistaken for the Empire State Building - if you are a tourist and don't know for sure where is what located. To me, the Chrysler building is even a little bit prettier. Love how it's rounded and decorated on the top, almost seems like a fairy tale tower!
I love capturing weird moments. Birds trying to get on the roof. 
Empire State Building. Much bigger than I would expect. Loved the view up when you walk right under the building. It has it's magic for sure.
Oh yeah, I can see some trees are about to bloom! It's about time, right?! Spring has officially come even to this city, yay!
One of the "rooftop" views. How cool is that? If you get to chill like this, you basically chill like a boss. This is why people love New York City. Never dissapoints you. No limits.
Busy New York streets.
Little Italy! This was so amazing! Itialian community has it's own area of food, fun and living! You can taste the real italian atmosphere there, but the cannoli I had didn't unfortunately taste the same like in Italy.
As well as Chinese people have their own part where they hang out. Their typical shops with chinese fashion and all kinds of gadgets and crap (sometimes). Markets on the streets, people shouting that their store is the best... Welcome to a jammed place called China Town in New York.
 Look - my favorite shirt. Oh, wait a minute! Forgot my glasses and nearly mistaken this for the real Hello Kitty. Would be a good joke though. I guess.
Time doesn't stop in New York City. It is a very fast paced city. People are in rush to get to work, school, meeting etc. Roads are full of cars all day long. There's probably like 100% chance that you will have someone's head in every single picture you take.
And my head is still in the clouds...
Chrysler, Chrysler... why are you so beautiful!?
World Trace Center Memorial. † We all remember the day when everything stopped. I was 11 years old, laying in my bed at home with a flu. I was watching my favorite soup opera on TV when the special News interrupted it. I literally watched the buildings fall live. Horryfing, unforgivable.
The Grand Central Terminal is just... timeless. And when you see it for the first time, you get speechless! When getting out of the train I remembered all the movies... Revolutionary Road, Broken City, Unfaithful, Friends With Benefits, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind...
People with they carry baggages are everywhere!
Sex And The City style! These houses are just mind blowing. Would you prefer this or a house in the middle of nature? That is the question!
You can walk into absolutely different areas within a few minutes and that makes the city so interesting!
Ghost Busters! You know what I mean, don't you? (Public Library)
City Hall and sunshine.
And that's it, my friends. Let me know what pictures you liked the most.
Enjoy the Spring! ♥ xoxo

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  1. I ♥ New York forever and always. Amazing photos, xo Julie

  2. Oh wow, perfect Pictures. My biggest Dream is to live in NY. And your Blog is amazing :)


  3. amazing pics i would love to live in NY its so pretty and i love ur blog
    could u check out mine


  4. Wow, your pictures are amazing. *__*
    New outfit is online...

  5. One of my biggest dream is to visit and possibly live in New York, I wish to become an actress, and have the possibility of performing on Broadway (and off Broadway).

    I'm a Floridian girl dying to get away haha.

    I hope you are having the time of your life cutie~


  6. Hello Titty je nejvíc!To jsem ještě nikdy nikde neviděla, ale byl by to dobrý vtip pro moji ségru.:-) Super fotky!

  7. Hi there, oh my beloved NYC I lived there for some many years, and just couple of month ago I moved to fab Italy. My favorite places in NYC are countless but for sure Bedford AV in BK in in my top list as well as the view of the city skyline from New Jersey. have a lovely day.xx
    Glamoury Armory Blog

  8. Amazing photos, I would love to go to New York again!

    Best Wishes,

    Camille xo


  9. oh teraz ma zahrialo pri srdiečku. NY bol vždy môj sen a keď som bola na WAT pred dvomi rokmi, tak na pláne musel byť aj NY. Nakoniec mi to vyšlo na 10dní čož bolo supúer! Síce mesto je rušné, špinavé všade samí bezďák, ale i tak má tú spešl atmosféru, ktorá mi tak učarovala. Takže ja sa tam ešte plánujem vrátiť a pobudnúť tam rok dva:)

  10. very pretty photo's. I can't wait to visit NYC!

    Agnes x


  11. Amazing photos!


  12. Visiting New York is in my pocket list !


  13. Awesome photos - you really captured the 'spirit' of New York! It is such a fun, exciting and vibrant city. I hope to go back soon, too!


  14. Už jsem chválil na fb, chválím i tady..krása..úplně závidím, fakt..a úplně mě štve, že teď byly asi hodinu dostupné letenky Vídeň - NYC za 6000,- a já to nestih ='(

    PS: Už se na tebe těšíme!!


  15. So many cool shots! I've only been there once for a vacation. Definitely plan to go back!!

  16. I love Soho, it's one of my favorite NYC neighborhoods!


  17. Beautiful photography!!!

  18. Oh wow, New York is the place to be. Amazing shots :)


  19. looks like you had a great time! It's funny, for me those photos are a part of my daily life. It's a good reminder to appreciate it. And yes, definitely can save money by going to rooftop bars instead of expensive hotels that brag about a good view. :)


  20. These photos are stunning, love the filter you used. Makes me want to go back to NYC!


  21. WOW amazing photos!!♥ I want to visit New York too :)

  22. Amazing photos dear and very cute blog! If you maybe want to follow each other< please let me know on my blog :)

  23. Gorgeous photos! I'm moving to NYC in June, such a wonderful place. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for your sweet comment :)

  24. Amazing photos! I love it! melodylaniella.blogspot.com

  25. Ahh such a beautiful city! Great picks girly!!


  26. Omg so beautiful photos ! You look stunning ! I am so happy I found your blog !
    Btw. jsem taky češka, ale žiji v Uk :)

    xx Sabina


  27. Really lovely photos! I have wanted to go to New York for sooo long, hopefully one day I will go :) xx

  28. love nyc, your photos are awesome!

    danielle | avec danielle

  29. I love NewYork! Who doesn't? I've been a few times and I honestly love it more each time. So fun. Great shots. http://fashionablyidu.blogspot.com/

  30. It's my dream destination! Aaahhh .. and the empire state building reminds me of Chuck Bass. Haha


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