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Hello cuties! I'm bringing you an outfit post together with an awesome giveaway!
I got this gorgeous mint maxi dress at The Mint Julep Boutique and the day I was wearing it for the first time I immediately received some compliments. When I was waiting in the line for the restroom at Cheesecake Factory, one of the ladies told me: "Look at you, how beautiful, what are you doing?" LOL. She was super nice! Yeah, I like to dress up and I will do it even for the reason of a good lunch. Who doesn't want to look pretty? And when you add smile, not that you will only spread good vibes around you, but you will also look great on the pictures. Cheesecake Factory is always a safe bet if you're looking for the good food. I got a fresh salad with beets, pecans and goat cheese (yummy!), my partner had some tasty egg rolls with avocado and at the end we split the Reese's Cheesecake as always. It's our favorite!
Mint maxi dress - The Mint Joulep Boutique, scarf - gift from my best friend Samantha ♥, silver purse - H&M, pearl necklace and bead bracelet - gift from my mom ♥, cupid bow bangle - Lou Jewels, bracelet - Alex and Ani, shoes - Marshalls.
Anyway, back to the main topic! I'm all about this dress right now. Can we talk about it? Like, I haven't seen such a great and non-wrinkly material for a while! I was worried that when I sit in the car, it will get all wrinkled up but, this dress got your back! (Literally!) Not that you can wear it hundred possible ways and play with the styles every time you wear it (check out the original photos on the website - you won't believe how many options of it gives you!) but the quality is outstanding as well. And I can guarantee to you that you will get the attention you deserve, because it is just a beautiful fashion piece! Thumbs up and clap your hands, I found my new favorite boutique! The Mint Julep Boutique is selling this dress in a few different colors. I couldn't decide between pink and this mint, but now I'm really happy with my choice. What do you think? Fancy and cute, elegant and sexy. All at once! What more could you want from a dress?

!!! $25 GIFT CARD GIVEAWAY (US shipping only!) !!! All you need to do for joining this giveaway is:
1) Leave a comment under this post with a link to what you would love to buy from The Mint Julep Boutique if you won! 
2) Also leave your e-mail address please.
3) Like my Facebook fan page right here: THE KAWAII PLANET
The winner will be generated randomly from all the comments by this online number generator and I will announce the winner on 15th of July. Then, most importantly, the end of this giveaway is on 14th July at 11.59 pm.
Thank you for joining and GOOD LUCK! ♥

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38 komentářů

  1. Girl you look stunning in this dress! I love the color! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  2. stunning color on you!!! wow!

    Have a great week!
    Animated Confessions

  3. I like

  4. wow you looks so stunning!! love the whole look <3 perfection


  5. very nice dress

  6. You're dress is so lovely I love it <3

  7. You look wonderful!
    The dress suits you perfectly ;)

    Miriana's World Blog

  8. You are a dream with this dress my dear!!! So elegance!!! Thanks for sharing this website that I don't know!!! Have a nice day, kisses (and thank you for your visit),

    Eniwhere Fashion
    Eniwhere Fashion Facebook

  9. Such a beautiful dress! Love the back of it!
    xoxo Lxnda

  10. You know that mint color is our favorite now, right? So I have to say only one word: WONDERFUL!! =)


  11. That's a really pretty dress, and a great color for you.

    I really like this scarf:


  12. Wow, I love it! Enjoy the week sweetie!

    I invite you to join my international Banggood giveaway!!

    If you want, we can follow each other. Let me know and I'll do the same!
    Algo pasa con Mary | Bloglovin


  13. Wow that dress is beautiful, very summery x

  14. Love the salads at Cheesecake Factory! They're so delicious (and enormous)!

    That shade of turquoise/aqua looks beautiful on you! Really flatters your blonde hair and light eyes!

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity! Following you on Facebook! Email:
    It's hard to choose just one item from Mint Julep, so I'll share a few of my favorite things ;-)

    xx Chrystin

  15. Such a beautiful dress u look gorgeous and great giveaway too.

  16. ty máš vždy tak krásne pery namaľované, že ja nechápem

  17. Such a gorgeous color!
    The dress looks great on you <3

  18. Suzy... I adore the color of this dress and it looks so amazing on you... I love it... I really like dresses that can be worn in so many different ways and this one has a wonderful flow to it too xox

  19. Wow that dress is fab! I love mint color and the whole vision is perfect - hair and makeup! Just perfect!

  20. You look fabulous in this dress! The scarf always adds a beautiful touch!


  21. These photos look amazing, love the dress!

    xx Falasha

    Bite My Fashion ll Instagram ll Bloglovin'

  22. The dress fits you very well. I love the color. And love the sexy back!

    Jessica |

  23. you look just perfect

  24. You look stunning in that dress love! x


  25. You look super gorgeous on your dress!
    Good vibes Fox

  26. my god u look so stylish and chic! :) i love your dress, every aspect of it! the colour the shape is amazing! :)

    Vivienne Night Blog

  27. I would buy Barely There Back Dress

  28. You look gorgeous! That dress suits you so well!
    To be honest, I have never been to the Cheesecake Factory. It's mostly known to me because it was on The Big Bang Theory :Z

    I'd love to win the gift card! But I'm located in Europe... can I still join? If I can, and if I win, then here's my e-mail: suitekitty[at]googlemail[dot]com

    x Yasmine//Cloudy

  29. that dress fits you really good!
    new post:

  30. Beautiful dress! The color really suits you :)

  31. Email:

  32. Gorgeous jumpsuit Suzy! You look amazing!

  33. I do love open backs!
    Looks perfect on you

  34. Wow fantastic dress, love the back
    and the colour suits you so well!

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