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If you ever visited or live(d) in Orlando, you probably know of the most popular shopping malls around here. The biggest one is said to be The Florida Mall and my favorite is The Mall At Millenia where we usually go when we're in the right shopping mood (there's a Cheesecake Factory there - that's why LOL). There are always a lot of tourists too, and it has a really nice vibe. Even Zoella, the famous British YouTuber, was walking these stores when she visited Florida earlier this year. Last week I was headed to The Altamonte Mall to do some fun blog collab. I've never been there before so I was pretty impressed by its size and shop selection. When I got to my destination - The Vanishing Point boutique, it got me immediately. I did a little window shopping before I entered the store and I saw some pretty diaries for 2016, funny signs and gadgets, dream catchers, stones etc. I loved not just their amazing clothes but really everything about the shop. These two super lovely and friendly girls Gabby and Brandie are ready to help you buy the best pieces that suit you.
Together with the Vanishing Point boutique, I'm bringing you 4 Late Summer Outfits created by me from the pieces I loved! These 4 boho looks are simply inspired by the end of the Summer. When trying stuff on, I really appreciated the fact that their awesome selection makes me step out of my comfort zone a little bit. And I definitely learned something new about me and the fashion styles I want to wear! I would say that all the following outfits have a taste of country side. And it's exactly how I imagine my perfect end of summer... In the wooden cottage surrounded by beautiful nature, animals and friends, being able to watch the sunset from a bench on the porch... and just getting excited about the Fall! Candles, colorful leaves... It's all going to happen very quick and you're gonna rock this time of the year with these country looks! Let me know which outfit you like the most. ♥

(1) cute modern cowgirl
When I tried this hat on, I thought to myself: Dang, it looks gorgeous! Why was I not wearing a hat for such a long time? Yes, everyone needs to find their own way to certain fashion pieces. I finally found mine to hats and I'm lovin' it! Don't be afraid of them! They are actually really easy to pair and it can be the cherry on top of your outfit! Oh my gosh, and can we talk about the brown fringe vest and a super cute pair of floral shorts? Here comes the cutest cowgirl, baby!

(2) innocent white
This was the very first outfit that I put on. I seriously couldn't get over how great the dress looked in the combinations with these "oh so chic" platform sandals! They made my legs look much longer and thinner and I loved the feeling of being so tall all of a sudden! No wonder I ended up getting those two pieces when leaving. I also fell in love with this pretty golden-touquise timeless necklace! It will compliment any outfit and you don't need more accessories with this stunning piece! Oh, and don't forget the super adorable bow on the back! Makes me wanna show my back side, LOL!

(3) matching colors
Well, I like checkered things as you might have found out if you follow me. I saw this long shirt and wanted to use it as a cover-up. I think it will be perfect for those cold evenings by the fireplace! You can still wear your favorite summer crop top. Just add some high waisted skirt or pants and cover-up if you get chilly easily. This skirt is very unique. With the long vent on the right side you will look sophisticated and sexy. I loved how perfectly the shirt matched the boho sandals! See, you can still wear skirts when the summer is almost over, just know how to tune your look when the first fall breeze comes.

(4) just another cowgirl variation
I guess you can tell how much I loved the first outfit! I created a similar one again. This time with a different black vest, printed shorts and another hat! I just really loved how these things go with each other! It seems that I found a perfect match! If you don't have a basic white crop top yet, go for it. It's a must-have for when you want to make the mix and matching easier. Goes with anything! Which hat do you guys like the best? The dark one from my first look or for this beige one? Waiting for your opinions!
Make sure you follow the Vanishing Point Boutique on Instagram (their feed is awesome and inspirational) and if you get a chance, stop by there to check them out in person. I guarantee you that you will love their selection! Don't forget, The Altamonte Mall - right across from the Apple Store. Viva la fashion!
All the pictures of me were taken by Gabby in the store. Thank you. ♥
The black pearl earrings I'm wearing are from Pearl&Clasp.

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42 komentářů

  1. That white dress is so sweet and I love the shorts from the first look! How cute with that fringe vest?!
    xoxo Danielle
    For the Love of Leopard

  2. So super cute, lady- loving all the boho pieces!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  3. You styled all looks great, but my faves are the cowgirl one (super cute print and I love the necklace) and that white dress looks fab on you!

    House of Illusions

  4. I love all photos
    you look so pretty sweetie

    new post http://sarameirelesthesnowwhite.blogspot.pt/2015/08/happiness-boutique.html

  5. fantastic post my dear, I love all the outfits :D xoxo

  6. Wow, great photos in the first place!!!!!
    And love the country-girl-like outfits, n1 and 4 definitely my favourites, the hats suit you sooo well!

  7. Looks like you had fun collaborating! I have a hard time picking my favourite outfit - either the second or the third one, they are all good though! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  8. What a lovely boutique! Their shop looks great!
    I love all four outfits but my favourite will have to be the "matching colours" one because of the plaid shirt and shoes! <3

    Bad Taste Toast - A German/Australian Style Blog

  9. The white dress is OMG gorgeous!

  10. love your vest and shorts in your first outfit!

  11. You look so beautiful in all of these outfits, I can't even decide which one is my favorite!

    Bella Pummarola

  12. I like getting the little things you saw. They make good stocking stuffers at Christmas.

  13. Favorite! White dress!


  14. Those fringe cardigans look gorgeous! I also love the printed shorts and sandals. Artfully put together!


  15. Loveeeee the shorts!! You are adorable. Going to find you on BL and IG!

    Sabrina | GYPSY T▲N

  16. The white dress is great!You look great! I like that shirt too! I love the shirt! I've got a full wardrobe :D!


  17. fringes are hot ! Tried a skirt the other day, love how the fabric swings one way to the other when you walk. So the jacket is my fave here !!


  18. Nice hat :) Kiss from France, Sand.
    French Riviera on my French blog:

  19. Cool stuff you have find there! Love the first one and white dress, those white sandals are so cool!!

  20. you've created some really cute outfits with a fringed vest! I was looking for more ways to wear mine, thanks for the inspo!

  21. Ahhhh you make these looks so effortless! I definitely couldn't do that! Lovely photos too :)

    Musings & More

  22. Cute hat and shorts :)
    BLOG M&M FASHION BITES : http://mmfashionbites.blogspot.gr/
    Maria V.

  23. How cute are you?!


  24. I cant seem to choose all outfits are great... The cute modern cowgirl and just another cowgirl variation suits you though! :)

    (◕‿◕✿) EmoteraGoddess.com | Instagram | Bloglovin

  25. I love all of them especially the first outfit :)


  26. Lovely outfits, lady. You look so beautiful. :)


  27. I really love the floral shorts. You look very pretty!

  28. I'm really excited about fall too. I loved the four outfits; great collab post!

    I'm An Airhead. Oh Wow!

  29. Really cool outfits! My favourite is the first one :) xx

  30. love this look!!

    kisses from dubai ♥

  31. Jsi nejkrásnější a nejstylovější ze všech Kawaiianek na světě. ;)

  32. GIRL. You are KILLING IT in the first look. I love absolutely everything about it! The pattern on the shorts is beautiful.

    Peace & Love // Celestralite

  33. i'm in love with your vest and white shirt!

  34. I really like both the two necklaces you are wearing!

    Greets from Greece :)


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