Collect Coins To Get Free Clothes!

Okay, time to share something totally awesome & crazy with you guys! Shopping for free is real! It's as simple as that with ifchic! I just recently got a great opportunity to try this unbelievable experience. It's called #24ifchic Event and on this website, you can basically collect coins throught the whole month, that are equal to dollars, and use them to order clothes! You can only use these coins every 24th each month though! It's easy, all you have to do is sign up on ifchic & then return back every day to collect up to $6 dollars just browsing the website. They appear randomly and you need to click on them when you see them. This way, if you do the math, you can collect up to $180 every month ($6 a day is maximum) and get some fashionable clothes for free! And there are some really cool designer's pieces! Who wants the perfect quality and original clothes for free? Hands down! Don't forget that you can only use your coins on 24th, for 24 hours (12:01am ET to 11:59pm ET). The coins you don't use are then gone forever, they don't transfer to the next period. I think this is seriously pretty cool and I'm now coming back every day as well, to collect some money for my new favorite. How cool is that? You can get items for free?! And if you select something that costs more than the amount of your coins, you just pay the difference. I have to mention that the shipping is unfortunately only within the US and it's also the only thing you always pay and can't use the coins for. But it was only $4.95 in my case so whatever. So what are you waiting for? Hurry up so you collect as much as you can till the next event on 24th August! Then let me know what you got! ♥
Lace top & bracelet - ifchic, high waisted jeans - wetSeal (Goodwill thriftstore), gladiator shoes - Burlington, handbag - Italian markets, choker - AliExpress.

Last month I collected plenty of coins so I used them for my purchase of this adorable vintage pink lace top & dreamy pearl ring bracelet. I wore both items at the same time (it was my intention to match those two pieces at first place) to create a romantic look for a sushi date with my man and, I have to say, he kept complimenting it all evening long! I guess that was a good choice then. ♥ 

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  1. Gorgeous look! <3


  2. Nice outfit !

  3. I love this look! That top was a great buy. :-)
    April xx


  4. Suzy... what a wonderful idea. I'm going to pass this onto my daughter as she lives in the states. I would so use it if it was in Canada.

    The lace shirt is really adorable, it looks so sweet on you ♡

  5. všetko je to super! už som na tú stránku mrkla a je super, určite niečo nazbieram a objednám :)

  6. aha tak nič, zle som si to prečítala, doručujú len do USA, škoda :/

  7. Alternative currences are quite popular lately although it is one of the biggest fears of state (it could not tax for eg. time exchange), I am totally supporting this idea and exchanging used but nice clothes is eco-friendly, which I approve :)

  8. YOU ARE SO STUNNING! I love the blush color on you!

  9. You are stunning! So happy I stumbled upon your blog. Loving your style.

    xx Jess

  10. Such an amazing outfit and wonderful photos ! I like this effect ! Lovely ♥

    Happy Monday ~

    {Dresslink} Haul
    ♥ ~ Japan Candy Box Giveaway ~ ♥

  11. I love that top!! I neeeeeed it. Joining this website asap.

  12. You look amazing girl, chk out my new post -

    lets follow each other-g/insta/fb



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