Casual Combo

A good pair of leggings in this adorable dark plum color was on my wishlist for ages as well as a great comfy checkered shirt! I finally found the right pieces that totally worth spending every single penny! Love the navy/plum lines on my shirt that compliment the color of my leggings. Plus these two pieces are absolutely wearable even separately! Purple colors, including plum or burgundy, are going to be super in this season! And honestly, staples like this, will still be easy to pair even in the Spring! When we took off to take those pics last weekend, we ended up taking a nice walk around a lake. It was right after the rain and the fresh breeze felt so good! I could see some leaves on the ground too, and it made me think that maybe the Florida fall has finally arrived? Feels just awesome!
Do you have a favorite pair of leggings that you wear all the time (like me now)? What color are you currently obsessing over? Let me know. ♥
Shirt & leggings - Zou Zou Boutique, boots - Burlington, necklace - Claire's.

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10 komentářů

  1. This color is beautiful, Suzy, great choice for autumn =) and also the flannel shirt, looking classy =D but not like from Florida =D, more like from Mississippi or Massachusetts =D
    Just joking ;)
    Enjoy a perfect day,

  2. Suzy I love leggings too... they are comfy and can be worn with many clothing items xox

    I wanted to let you know I won't be writing ... I'm hoping to come back sometime. I will come back to read and comment once I get some things done around my home ... have a great week ♡

  3. Love your look! x

  4. you can never go wrong wtih plaid. LOVE

    Natalie Off Duty

  5. Awesome outfit! I love it:)

  6. I Love this outfit of yours and how you kept it simple. You look lovely

    xoxo - Style.. A Pastiche

  7. Plaid looks really good on you! and I just love your hair :)

  8. Krásná košile :) Hledám podobnou ale ne a ne narazit na tu pravou! :)


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