❇ Christmas Wishlist ❇

This is definitely not a list for Santa! That would be very presumptious to expect all the stuff! LOL (I was naughty!)  It's more like my personal "TO-BUY" list that I've been putting together for a good few months. Everytime I see something interesting, I write it down to my phone and simply wait for the right time to get it! Sometimes the time never comes, ha-ha! For me, it's always better to visualize all the items I love. That's why I decided to create two little collages. So I can come back and remember what I wanted. (+ because I LOVE making collages!) Hope I'll give you some inspiration today! Can anyone tell me please, why I always like the most expensive things? So unfair! xo
Can you believe I've never had a robe in my life? I've always spotted it at my friend's house and I thought I definitely need one at some point! This red robe from Victoria's Secret is super soft and cozy for just hanging out at home! | The Giving Keys were introduced to me by my friend Caitlin and I'm eyeing one of them! Just can't decide about the text on it! If you've never heard about it, check out how it works! You're supposed to wear it and then pass to someone who needs the message more than you! Such a wonderful mission! | These Dolce Vita over-the-knee boots in beige color are in my dreams every night! I've never tried such comfortable heeled boots. They also make your legs look like model's legs! These shoes are just beyond! | Fuji Instax 8 has been on my list at least for the past year and a half. All I want to do is to hang all the future polaroid pictures in my house and enjoy the vintage atmosphere! You know I'm a shutterbug, right? | I'm currently on the hunt for a new parfum. I very rarely go back to one that I already had but I feel like I need to get my favorite Zen from Shiseido again! Miss this most wonderful and very special fragrance! | I want to go Vegan! I said this at least 5 times and found it extremely difficult to keep up with it! I just recently saw this "I could never go vegan" book in a store and thought that if I had some recipes always ready, it would make it easier! | Do you wear belts often? I'm not really a belt person but I have to say I fell in love with Ada belts right after I tried their amazing wrap belts! The black one would be just a great staple for my wardrobe! | Even though I just bought myself a hand steamer for a little bit quicker morning routine, I'm still hoping to get this big one from Jiffy! I'm using it at work in a boutique and I can't even describe how much I love steaming! Time saver! | When the first adult coloring book called Secret Garden came out, I was all about it. Now, year after, there are so many adult color books already! Saw The Mindfulness Coloring Book at Urban Outfitters store and totally loved it! | The same store offers bunch of wonderful candles that are surely an essential part of this season! You will always make my day with a scented candle! This one is Vanilla Cupcake though! | And last but not least from this pic are nail polishes from O.P.I.! I've never had any nail polish from them but I keep hearing how awesome they are! I was especially impressed by their Christmas collection and Red Fingers & Mistletoes! ♥
If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I'm crazy about all kinds of stones! I would like to have a little collection of those that mean something to me... which will take a few years. But I just want to keep looking and then store them all in those wooden plates from Urban Outfitters. | I'm obsessed with horn necklaces but still haven't found the right one to buy. Horn necklaces on Etsy are just mind blowing and I will have to get a handmade one some day for sure! | This Burberry Poncho with initials is something! Totally diggin' the colors and style and I would absolutely make it work even in our 90 degree Florida weather, you bet! | My friend Amanda told me about NYX lipsticks and that they last forever! I mean, not forever, but at least for a good few hours! I can't wait to get one and get rid of the habit of constantly re-doing my make-up during the day! | Maroon hats are super in this fall! I think I will end up buying this one from Tart because you just can't beat the perfect fit. Make sure you try a hat before you get it because everyone's head is different and you don't want to look like a mushroom! | White Converse shoes are just so classy! These sneakers don't need more explanation. You can take them on while wearing ANYTHING (seriously) and it will bring your outfit to the next level. Always admired, now I want them too! | Dream catchers are sort of a part of the spiritual world that I just entered thanks to collecting the stones and visiting local stores. I really want to get one and see if it works! | I love pretty mugs! Nothing brightens my day like drinking from a beautiful colorful cup! This one is from my friend's store called Almara Shop and it's the cutest thing I've seen! ♥

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26 komentářů

  1. I love these! Likewise, I create collages too. ~.o hahaha

    Vegetarian CourtesyCheesePapas

  2. cool post! very ineresting propositions! :)


  3. Really amazing pieces dear! Really love your beige boots! <3

  4. Omg amazing gift ideas. I would love to have these cool over the knee booties. Hopefully someone that know me reads that ;-)


  5. Great post. Well done. Keep going


  6. Awesome picks, lady! Can't believe the holiday season is here!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  7. aaw that's a great wishlist! I totally have to add a colouring book to mine too, thanks for reminding me! :) I also totally agree on the NYX lipsticks! I love their colours! :)

    Bad Taste Toast - A German/Australian Style Blog

  8. Eeee, I love everything!
    The candles are so cute, they look like they are in little cupcake cases ^_^

  9. Yep, I officially need everything on the list, it all looks so cute together! x

    NICHOLA ROSE - UK Fashion Blog

  10. After seeing your 'wish list' may I suggest putting the steamer at the top of your list? Honestly, it has been one of thee best investments I have made!
    On a side note, loving the moon dish tho!

    House of Illusions

  11. You are not alone - I often like also the most expensive pieces :) Like the pieces on your wishlist, it would be totally okay for me getting all the stuff :)
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  12. Amazing wishlist, love all the items!


  13. Love the items on your wishlist specially the boots and camera... on my wishlist as well.

    (◕‿◕✿) EmoteraGoddess.com | Instagram | Bloglovin

  14. Ah this wishlist is awesome :D I love, love, love your picks! They are on my list too :D :D

  15. I would love The Mindfulness Coloring Book and a nice plush robe from Victoria's Secret (I just saw a heather grey one online the other day and I've added it to my mental wish list haha)

  16. Great wishlist! I love the idea of the keys! :)

    I highly recommend the converse too - I have a couple of pairs and I wear them frequently! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  17. ahh the xmas wish list...love!!
    kisses from dubai ♥

  18. Just found your blog in the most random way (typed 'cvicky' into tumblr) and i'm in love!!
    I really like the wishlist. I even had couple of items on mine aswell.
    Have a nice day,


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