My Travel Essentials 2016

Hi beauties! I hope everyone is having a great end of February! I'm slowly but surely getting ready for my April trip to Europe! You know what that means - I'm constantly thinking of what I want to take with me and what not to forget! I actually created a list of some cool things that I want to get before I go. Because there's nothing better than let the smart gadgets make your life easier! Here is a little overview of what's on my mind and what are my best travel essentials this year! Let me know if I forgot something important! ♥

Hairbands - Now that I have long hair (You could see my extensions on my Instagram already!), I better keep it tidy. Because no one wants to deal with unwanted dreads when the plane lands! Also Tangle Teezer will make sure that your hair is in a good shape even after 9 hour flight! If you are a hair freak (which I'm slowly becoming thanks to having 22' hair all of a sudden) you might want to take a Mini Flat Iron and Mini Folding Hair Dryer with you too. Blanket & Pillow - All in one, that's a dream of any traveller! This cute blue face thing will keep you cozy and comfy when you feel like you just can't find the right position on your seat! If you fancy some sleep on your flight, make sure you pack a cute Eye Mask that will help you relax even during the daylight or if you sit next to a night reader... (Bummer!) During your traveling, keep your lips hydrated and soft with EOS balm!
 I usually don't use any make-up on the plane but sometimes I would - just a little bit... Then there is this miracle called MakeUp Eraser that you should check out if you haven't heard of it yet! All you need is a piece of cloth and your face is clean in no time! Another beauty necessities are definitely Organic Deodorant that will help you feel clean -  and amazing Clinique Moisturizing Lotion for your face. Clear Cosmetic Bag makes life so much easier for not just you (seeing where is what immediately!) but they will love you for that at check-in as well. They just like transparent as much as you do! Perfect for travelling is also this Mini Set Of Plastic Bottles. That way you don't have to pack all your favorite shampoos and other products, but just take the amount you actually need! Thumbs up! Don't forget a great Olympus Pen camera for capturing the best moments on your trip! Another travel must is a Passport Case and Luggage Tag so you recognize your bag quicker! For all your documents, change and important cards you might welcome a Stylish Wallet. The flights are usually cold! I have to carry scarf with me everytime, or at least warm sweater or poncho! Snuggle up to a Chunky Wool Scarf and stay cozy! Emergency Kit that provides for example hair spray, dental floss, tampon or pain releiver was simply made for you to sit back and relax! Anything can happen! Bring some cool magazine on the plane with you or buy it before taking off. You can stay busy reading if you can't sleep. A little Journal for your thoughts may become handy too! Now - just put your seatbelt on, get your SudioSweden Headphones ready and enjoy yourself! ♥

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  1. Great post! Your blog is so cute!

  2. Suzy it's so exciting that you are going to be traveling to Europe. .. can I hide out in your suitcase? :-) (What a great way to have long hair with the extensions ♡

  3. I really like this post dear :) I wish I can travel more ! A good makeup/beauty kit and something to do (music, book) are my essential ! x

  4. All of these are such travel essentials! Especially the camera! Mustn't forget about the Olympus EPL! <3

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  5. I love traveling.... perfect essentials Suzy!!!! Enjoy Europe!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  6. You are beautiful !!!


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