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Hi loves! I've got a couple of beauty reviews for you today! I'm always searching for the right beauty product! Sometimes my skin is too dry and then the next time, I'm breaking out more than usual. It's a science, finding the right cosmetics! Same with hair! I was lucky to try those below mentioned products on my own skin (and hair) and I want to tell you my honest opinion!

Skin CareRodan+Fields - REDEFINE - Multi-Function Eye Cream
This, my friends, is a true miracle! I just started using my very first eye cream at age of 26 and I believe that this is the best thing that happened to my face! It was a very sweet gift from my friend who actually distributes this brand. I kept complaining about my eye wrinkles that are becoming more and more obvious, and she gave me this for Christmas 2015! Almost 4 months later, here I am with results! My eye wrinkles almost disappeared (no exagarations!) and I will never ever switch to any other eye cream! No botox, no intervention to your skin. Just go for a soft, gentle cream! You don't need to apply too much, of it just a few drops into your under eye area! So refreshing! Love it! I use it twice a day, in the morning and before bed. Don't forget: Dry skin creates more wrinkles, so moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! (I also tried a few pieces of Rodan+Fields lip serum over night and my lips were super soft the next day!
Skin CareSHISEIDO IBUKI - Multi Solution Gel
Another great product was sent to me to test it out and I am truly impressed with the results! I seriously can't praise this multi solution gel enough! After four months of daily usage, my skin has gotten so much better and you know I get some acne here and there. This face care seems to be the only one that keeps my skin balanced, without unwanted imperfections, plus heals all pimples quickly over night! I love my soft skin every time I use it! The texture is very easy to just apply on your skin! It absorbs well and feels great! I use it every night before bed and I just skip the eye area where I use above mentioned eye cream! Much recommended if you have a twenty something skin that sometmes needs to treat blemishes as well as first wrinkles. Also great as a primer under your foundation!

Hair CarePROGANIX - Volume Amplyfing + Body Builder
This set is awesome and works well! Definitely gives me the desired volume! My hair is a little damaged (split ends) so even though I still need to use other remedy products, this is a true body builder! The shampoo and conditioner are my shower essentials, and I also use the root booster once a week to keep my hair shiny and moisturized! Soy protein combined with energizing caffeine seem to be giving the same result like if you just visited a hair salon! Love the tube too - so easy to use! 

Hair Care: SHU UEMURA - Ultimate Remedy
If you think you can't read the name correctly, you sound like me when I first saw it! LOL! These products are super gentle to my hair and leave it moisturized and healthy! When I tried the conditioner for the first time, I thought it's very oily, but then I figured it out. You're not supposed to use too much of it! One drop will do the job! I think that Shu Uemura helps my hair look healthier and I got multiple compliments on a great smell as well! Coloring my hair blonde can be damaging, but this combo is restoring all the harm pretty well! 

Hair Care: OGX - Coconut Curls
When I received these products to try, it was the best timing! I just had my hair extensions done and learnt how to curl my hair with a curling wand! Love me some beachy waves! Yes! Not only that these products work perfectly! They also smell like a fresh coconut that you just found on the beach! I would highlight the natural and light frangrance that is not over-powering! It's the most recent set of products that I'm using on a daily basis! When my ends are a little dry, I apply the amazing softening hair butter and I get healthy looking hair over night! Washing my hair once in 3-4 days now as it doesn't get oily that quickly! Maybe it's also thanks to Proganix! OGX! ♥
Have you tried any of these products? I would love to know! ♥

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  1. Suzy, the hair products sound like they are exactly what I need... after bleaching my hair out completely to cover it with purple, it really damaged the ends a great deal... I have been blessed with great hair, I do need to take care of it though xox

  2. sounds like these have all worked well for you! the eye cream sounds great! xx

  3. Thanks for these in-depth reviews!



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