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Hi Everyone! I apologize for not updating my blog recently! As you might (or might not) know, I'm visiting my family in Czech republic for two weeks! I'm enjoying Prague as much as I can and I'm not on social media that often now! (You can still follow me around on my Instagram or YouTube though!) I've been taking plenty of pictures since the day I landed, and I'll surely be sharing them with you once I get back to it! This vacay time fully belongs to my family and I don't want to sit on my laptop all the time! The following pictures were taken by my friend photographer while meeting for a coffee! He's super talented and I knew I needed to ask him to bring his camera! It's funny because the day we met, it was raining & gloomy all day. And that's really the only day the weather was crappy. The rest of the time has been super sunny! Murphy's law?! But raining or not, I'm pretty impressed with the results! ...And don't forget, neutral colors like beige, white or blush were made for Spring! ♥
Crop top - Forever21, white denim & beige coat - Romwe, shoes - Dolce Vita (Zou Zou Boutique), bracelets - Etsy & Alex and Ani.

Photos by JH.

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5 komentářů

  1. Enjoy your holidays, beautiful. Great shots and you look effortlessly chic. Great ensemble! :)

  2. Fotky vyšly úplně úžasně :) Ani není poznat, že by bylo ošklivé počasí :) Strašně ti to na nich sluší :)

  3. Suzy I am so glad you are having fun in Prague... definitely vacation time is about family & friends when that is where you have gone... I'm sure we'll get to see many pictures and updates when you get back. Enjoy all that time you have there xox

  4. nice pictures and blog dear
    new post:

  5. So gorgeous - like Gweneth Paltrow gorgeous.


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