My Prague Trip 2016

Hi Loves! ♥ As you guys probably know, I visited my hometown last month and I promised to share some pictures from my Prague trip! There were so many but I finally managed to go through all of them and pick the best ones! Even though I had two full weeks to spend with my family and friends, it was simply not enough to do everything I planned on and see everyone I wanted! I think I still made the best of it anyways! And there's always next time! Prague is a gorgeous city and you truly appreciate it even more if you go there as a tourist! I have to say I used to take Prague for granted when I lived in the old centre... Not anymore! It's one of the best cities I've ever been to, I've ever lived at, and I do miss it sometimes! Hope you'll enjoy my pics that I took while walking the Prague streets and hanging out with my favorite people! Have a wonderful new week!

I flew with Lufthansa and it was nice - great food and service! Be careful though when booking an oversea flight - make sure you have plenty of time to transfer! I had 1.15 hours only on the way back and almost missed my connecting flight due to a little delay! Ugh, nightmare!
View from Petrin Gardens.
Me and my Czech bestie Tereza... Miss her already so much! ♥ We did some fun shopping and walks...
You will see the Old Town Square and Astronomical Clock if you go right from here!
I met my little niece named Kristyna for the first time when I was in Prague! She is the cutest and nicest baby ever! My brother is very a lucky guy!
The popular Astronomical Clock - you can't miss this when you're in Czech republic!
 Charles bridge with a Prague Castle view!
Me and Tereza walking the Prague streets! ♥
Láska = LOVE! Lennon's wall - a popular place to take selfies!
Vltava River - you can take a fun boat trip from here!
I can't imagine my trip without this adorable blush backpack!
Old Town Square and its amazing view!
Vltava river from Charles Bridge.
Čertovka - houses built on a river. People put locks on the bridge.
All the beautiful old school roofs - this view is from Prague Castle!
Prague Castle view from Petrin Gardens.
Dandelions are my favorite. As you could see in my vlog - I love making a flower crown from them (when they are yellow lol)!
Couldn't miss Czech cappuccino! Such a big difference from American version of "coffee"!
Nerudova Street - so many nostalgic memories...
Loving all the architecture. Don't forget to look UP when you're walking the Prague streets!
American Embassy in Czech republic! 
The hundred-spired Prague! You simply have to love this city! ♥

Love me some Tereza! ♥ Miss you boo!

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  1. I saw these videos a while back and thought of how fun the trip must have been! Your niece is too adorable for words.<33


  2. Suzy, I am happy to see you back... it sounds like you had such a wonderful trip... that's so good to hear. I agree Prague is such a beautiful country wish such a rich history and architectural buildings... I am sure you will be back to visit and see more your home town... Have a really lovely week xox

  3. Oooh I love Prague! Your post reminds me of how much I want to go there again! This city has such a unique and special flair! Not to mention the good Czech food and beers... :)

    Bad Taste Toast - A Personal Blog from Düsseldorf

  4. Time spent with family and friends always goes by way to quickly! It looks like you had an amazing time!

  5. Looks like you had a lot of fun! And your lil niece is too cute!! (Is it wrong that I want to steal her hat!!?? LOL)

    House of Illusions


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