Grecian Goddess

I felt just like this caption on the day I wore my new maxi dress! "Grecian Goddess Status" was also the first comment my friend Brittany made when she saw me that day! We were meeting to take some pictures for our blogs as usually. It's slowly becoming our Sunday routine and I have to say it's truly amazing to share your hobby and passion for fashion with someone! I'm very lucky to have such great people in my life, especially at work. We all clicked perfectly and we are the real dream team! I'm absolutely aware that this doesn't happen often so I praise every day with my ladies and I'm beyond thankful! ♥  Back to my outfit: Britt was actually the one who found this dress for me! She is such a bad influence lol! I mentioned one day, that I really want a taupe cutout fitted maxi dress with open back. The same day she showed this one to me. And because Forever 21 had free shipping over $30 that day, I just added on a golden choker (also wearing) and here I am in this outfit! I feel like this must be every girl's dream vacation outfit! I felt so amazing, feminine and super boho! xo
Taupe cutout maxi dress and golden choker - Forever 21, plum studded crossbody - She+Lo (Zou Zou Boutique), shoes - BCBG (Nordstrom Rack), sunnies - QUAY (Zou Zou Boutique).

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4 komentářů

  1. You are absolutely stunning in this outfit!! Still obsessed with it! <3 Love you! XO Britt

  2. Suzy, that dress is wow and it looks incredibly stunning on you... you rock it, I love the gold choker choice that you picked to go with it xox

  3. you look sexy Suzy!

  4. STUNNER!! Grecian or mermaid goddess for real! <3 Loves it!!!

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