Date Night Look!

Hi there! Having a good week so far? (: I'm back with my outfit post! This look was partially inspired by Kendall Jenner! She and Gigi Hadid are the only models whose fashion I truly follow and sometimes steal their look (always trying to add my own tune)! Such inspiration! I've loved lace ups since they showed up again last fall, but never had one! Just because I wanted to know how this piece of clothing will look on me, I ordered this black one for a few bucks from Romwe! To my surprise, it worked just perfect! I added my nude bodycon skirt that I bought at Forever 21 a while ago, nude choker and black boots! How fun it is to play with just two colors - black & nude in this case - mix & match! I wore this outfit to a dinner with my love and got the sweetest compliments! ♥ I just wanted to show you guys, that you can always re-create celebrity looks even if you're on a budget, and spend much less! Let me know how you like this date look and whether you would personally wear it! Happy Wednesday! ♥

Thank you so much, Brittany, for taking my pictures so patiently and well! Love you! ♥

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