Isn't it just such a relief when majority of the clothes you bought in 2016 is still relevant the next year? YAY! -beacuse all of my favorite trends are going to stay for a little longer than I thought and I'm super pumped about it! Let's take a look at what's still cool in 2017!

EVERYTHING RIPPED will be around for a little longer! Distressed denim, holes in tees, sweatshirts or sweaters (aka 'hobo' style as my funny man called it - he does't get it though LOL! This trend is actually holding a strong position in 2017! CHOKER NECKLACES are still super popular as well as built-in chokers on any of your tops! You should definitely own at least one and rock it while it lasts! ARMY GREEN & OVERSIZED FIT is the best combo for life (at least in 2017!) Large loose fitting sweatshirts are so fun and so versatile! Wear them with ripped denim, leggins or just as a dress with cute boots! Safe bet for an effortless look will be guaranteed if you put on an OFF THE SHOULDER top! Does it have STRIPES on it? Even better! MESH became a go-to favorite for a reason last year! It's basically showing a bit of your skin while, ehm, not really! Let's love this classy & elegant trend for a little longer!
Everyone who is obsessed with elevated casual style, will absolutely adore the CUT OUT & COLD SHOULDER trend! Refresh your wardrobe showing some shoulders this year and get in the game! Who doesn't want to include BELL BOTTOMS in their style? Frayed bottoms are a thing now, so feel free to DIY yours and upgrade them a little bit! Staying on this topic for a little longer! FLARE SLEEVES are as trendy as bell pants! The bigger & longer, the better! Go show them some fashion! If you don't like heels, you'll appreciate the flat slip-on trend staying hot this season too! Camo, leopard print or embroidery - all of it! Do the last, impactful touch & finish your look with RED LIPS & edgy BASEBALL HAT & hit the city! ♥

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3 komentářů

  1. Suzy, I like a nice flared pant... I think they are cute... I also love the bell sleeve shirt, it's nice they are back in style, I want to get one xox Have a great week, it's nice to see you blogging again xox

  2. I love distressed everything and flare sleeves so I'm excited theyre still around.

  3. Oh nice! So glad these trends are sticking around :D Love the oversized sweater <3


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