All White Look

Have you guys ever decided to wear 'all white' outfit in the past? I normally do 'all black' on a regular basis (Can't go wrong with that, right?), but this was an impulsive decision, inspired by this Gigi Hadid's outfit that I came accros on Pinterest! Wearing just white color feels actually so great! It's very feminine & clean! Except of the fact that you have to be super careful with food & where you sit! Maintaining bright clothes is extremely difficult, but is so worth the pain! Together with my new choker sweater, I wore this old pair of distressed jeans that I bought on Romwe years ago, and haven't worn in a while (been trying to bring some of my 'vintage' items back to life recently!)! I simply added gold & brown neutral accents to comliment the angelic, sophisticated look! Don't forget the mirror aviator sunnies! Also, let me give you a friendly advice for wearing cropped jeans: They tend to shorten your legs a little bit, so if you're already short like myself, make sure you throw on pumps or heels when wearing this trend! Yet again, chokers are still staying, and I'm really happy about it! (Mainly because I bought way too many built-in choker tops this season! LOL)! Let me know whether you'd go for this innocent 'all white' look yourself & if so, for what occasion! XO
Choker sweater - RD Style, white distressed jeans - Romwe, golden clutch - Target, brown laser cut belt - Steve Madden, mirror aviator sunglasses - Giant Vintage, wooden watch - JORD, golden pumps - Rampage.

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5 komentářů

  1. Suzy, I have never worn all white but it looks quite lovely on you and a perfect reason for wearing gold shoes xox

  2. I love this all white look!! It makes me think of Sunday Brunching, so fresh and new like the best way to start a new week! <3

    Love you! Britt

  3. One of my favorites!! Love the all white! XOXO


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