Hi There! ♥ I have a fun flashback to the 80's today! I'm SO into the 80's music and fashion and I'll do anything to bring those retro vibes back! I decided to give this period of time a little shoutout in my outfit post today! What you will probably love & appreciate the most, is that the whole outfit cost under $50 (well, the Converse are not included in this budget but you can replace them with any white sneakers that you already have!) This pair of jeans has been sitting in my closet for a while and I wasn't sure what to do with it! The other day, I simply decided to bring it back to life by pairing the denim with this vintage Coke tee that I won in the Ebay auction (for like $1 you guys! WOOHOO)! Deals are seriously the best and you can save so much money being aware of how and where to shop! I complimented these 'previously owned' pieces with my new faux leather jacket that my friend Brittany found for me in Burlington (thanks love ♥), yellow aviators (OMG totally obsessed!) and a handmade choker that Britt made! (She's the BOMB! You can get it for only $12 on her Etsy! Go get it!) Putting this outfit together made me realize how much I've always loved thrift store shopping and that I haven't been to Goodwill for a while! That needs to change! I flippin' love vintage fashion and I want to focus more on recycling moving forward! How fun it is to give life to some of the old abandoned clothes again? Let me know your favorite thrift find down below! XO ♥

The Real Thing (Coca-Cola) vintage graphic T-shirt - won at Ebay auction, black faux leather jacket - Burlington, acid wash high waisted skinny jeans - WetSeal (bought at Goodwill), yellow aviator sunglasses - AliExpress, white sneakers - Converse, spike black suede choker - my friend Brittany makes those ♥ - buy it HERE!

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  1. Actually on the floor dead over how cute this outfit is on you!!! 😍
    Love you!
    XO, Britt



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