♥ Kawaii Mood ♥

It's interesting how even though we try different fashion styles throughout the life, we somehow circle back to the roots and what is the most natural to put on for us! People can tell us what's in and out, they can also try to push us to become someone else, but nah... always wear what is the most exciting to YOU and what YOU find amazing! Your clothes should define you and your personality, and not anyone else's view of you! (Amen.) I've been through a lot of fashion stages & moods, but recently, I just can't stop looking back at my "kawaii" clothes, and I really enjoy incorporating the old pieces to my elevated Americanized fashion. I would consider myself mix of European, American & Asian style I think! I own elements of each mentioned style in my closet and it's so much fun to combine it all together and see what happens! At the end of the day, wearing cute clothes just makes me feel more girly & definitely keeps my inner child happy! The point is to find what you love and wear whatever you feel the most comfortable in! ♥ I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! XO

Denim overeal - Camaïeu, pastel pink polka dot blouse - Camaïeu, white slip-ons - Burlington, black Selma handbag - Michael Kors, korean style glasses - AliExpress, red baseball hat - Supreme, rose gold choker - Sarah Briggs, faux fur pom pom chain - gift.

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2 komentářů

  1. Such a cool look, love everything about it!!! ;) xo

  2. Super cute! I agree Fashion is to be a fun way to express ourselves.




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