Korean Fashion Inspired Look ♥

You guys, I've been obsessing over Korean Fashion recently (well, it's actually not a recent thing if you follow my blog for some time now... you would know, that I've been always looking up to the Asian Beauty & Lifestyle!) ... but I think it's back in my head now more than ever and I can't stop "desktop" shopping this website - (not sure how you say window shopping for an online store haha!) - StyleNanda it is! Ugh! Go see it for yourself! ♥ The make-up, the outfits, I want it all, I want to live the life of all the models! I have NOT ordered from them yet and was so going to, but then I realized I already spent my fashion budget for this month on other clothes! *monkey covering her eyes emoji* ... Oh well, I can just take it as an inspiration for now, and try to re-do some of the looks with what I already have in my closet, which is probably more economic & logic decision anyways! (Umm, did anyone say , ever, that fashion is based out of logic?) MINIMALISM, Suzy, it's called MINIMALISM what you were trying to go for! The daily struggle is so real! Let's just embrace what we have though, for real! The clothes I used for my post today, somehow happened to be in my closet already and I was pleased to find all these pieces again! ♥

Vintage denim jacket - Goodwill, striped rollneck bodysuit - Missguided, white high waisted shorts - BestE-shop.com, aviator sunglasses - Giant Vintage, slip-ons - Marshall's, Warren backpack in blush - Botkier, socks - H&M.

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9 komentářů

  1. Bellissimo outfit
    Ti seguo passa da me https://testoprovo.blogspot.it

  2. So in love with this outfit! Amazing :)
    With love,

  3. This is such a lovely outfit, I'm so glad I found your blog. Your style and photos are so inspiring and chic! Have a wonderful Sunday xx


  4. I feel the same way about StyleNanda! That website has so many things I want to buy. I usually end up bookmarking a decent amount of stuff and coming back to it to buy it! Lol

    I love your outfit!! Oh and if you aren't against thrift stores, you could probably recreate the Korean fashion with clothes from there too. Just an idea... ^_^


  5. You are nailing the minimalistic look with this! I adore that top with the shorts.
    xo Annie
    New England Romance

  6. I love the outfit and photos!


  7. I absolutely love this outfit! The striped top, the shorts, the socks...SO CUTE! <3

    Love you!


  8. Amazing style!



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