My Beauty Routine 2017

Hi Everyone! ♥ I'm here to share my recent beauty finds & talk about how I do my make-up every day! You know it's aways a journey to find the right product that makes your skin feel amazing and also treats your imperfections & concerns at the same time! It takes a while to figure it all out sometimes. I just turned 27 in February and I think I finally made peace with my skin, using the right cosmetics! When you're in your twenties and still have acne issues like me, it can get super frustrating and irritating, but know, that there is absolutely & always some kind of solution for you, and that you'll find it one way or another! Please, have in mind, that acne does not define you as a person in any way! You shouldn't let it bring you down! Ever! ♥

I got this Tarte 'Throw Kindness Around Like Confetti' eye shadow palette as a Christmas gift and I just recently started using it! You guys, it smells like an actual chocolate! ♥ Love that it stays on your eyes for the whole day & that you can create the perfect smokey eyes with it! I found out that it was a limited edition but you can still get it on Ebay I'm pretty sure! All the Tarte palettes are to-die-for!

I made a little chit chat video where I'm showing How I do my go-to make-up every day! All the products I'm using are linked down below the video! Please feel free to leave any questions about my skin routine! 

I just LOVE shopping in Ulta! If you have their rewards card, you really are getting so much in return for your loyalty! Not only you get coupons in the mail all the time, but here and there you get a free full-size product with a purchase! I LOVE FREE STUFF! (And you do too!) Last time I was buying my favorite Clinique foundation, I got an 'All About Eyes' eye cream as a bonus! Perfect for the day, it's not heavy and my foundation stays on my eye area for the whole day without getting cakey or letting out eye wrinkles! Last time I shopped in Ulta, I got a little crazy, but still saved so much money! I grabbed my most favorite finish spray from NYX (that I've been using for years at this point!) and decided to try the new Ulta illuminator! I needed to save a couple of $$$ so I couldn't purchase my usual favorite this time, which is Becca Opal. Ulta highlighter does the job though, and is maybe even more radiant than any other highlighter I've ever tried! For $10? Can't express my excitement enough!

I also wanted to try the Revlon Colorstay foundation, which is super affordable and already showed as a great alternative to the Neutrogena one, that I've been using forever and that unfortunately tends to dry my skin just a little bit! I usually mix two foundations or do two layers. The Clinique superbalanced silk makeup is everything for me right now! ♥ There's nothing better than the silky feel after you apply it on your skin! This Mario Badescu 'Flower ' Tonic Mask' was a Christmas gift as well and it's almost gone! I usually put it on twice a week to keep my skin moisturized & balanced. 
An absolute holy grail was found just recently! My friend works for Earthy Brand and I was sent these two products to try and give her an honest feedback! Wowzer! ♥ It's been a week and I haven't gotten any new acne since using the mesmerizing moisturizer every morning & evening now! The peptide eye cream is suitable for night time, it prevents morning puffines and new wrinkles have zero chance as it's very nourishing! Make sure you check out this new organic vegan brand! You will fall in love with the natural, earthy smell & how soft & smooth your skin feels!

I found this grey charcoalogy detoxifying face & body soap in Marshall's actually! My new favorite soap bar for sure! I don't normally buy cosmetics there, but I will occasionally get a soap, shower gel, cosmetic tools or hair products. This piece smells very fresh, it's made out of aloe and peppermint and it's very refreshing to use in the morning shower! Yas! Hopin' they will have more next time I go! Can't find it anywhere online!

I hope you found this post at least a little bit useful! (: Please let me know your thoughts and feel free to share your favorite cosmetic products or how you deal with acne! Have an amazing new week! ♥ XO 

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