My Photoshoot in Prague

Hi there! ♥ I missed you guys so much! I'm finally back from my trip to Europe, ready to rock this blog again! WooHoo! The past few days, I've been dealing with jetlag as always! (Down side of travelling..) I still crashed out at 5:30 PM yesterday and woke up at 3 AM this morning again! LOL I know coming back is actually worst and it usually takes about a week to adjust! My Prague vacation was asolutely phenomenal though & I enjoyed it SO much! If you follow me on my YouTube Channel, then you already know some of the adventures, and I still have one more video to go from my travels! (Plus, of course, a blog post about Prague with all the lit pics I took!) Stay tuned! ♥

But let's talk about the following photos! I was super excited to meet my friend, photographer, that I've known for years now, and who I traditionally see every year. We always catch up on things that happened in our lives while he takes pictures with his amazing retro camera & coolest lenses! (Trust me, noone else understand cameras like he does!) Because of the chilly weather, we were forced to be indoors most of the time, but we didn't mind grabbing a good coffee and chatting in some cool places. Thank you so much @hosta for taking these lovely photos that I now have as a great Prague memory! Not surprised I love them so much! You're the best photographer! XO

Denim parka coat with patches -, black ripped jeans - J Brand, white sneakers - Stan Smith for Adidas, oversized pastel orange sweatshirt - H&M, mesh navy top - Bailey 44, Warren backpack - Botkier.

All photos by @hosta. Thank you! ♥

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