Visiting Prague | 2017

Hi Loves! ♥ I'm so excited to share my Prague travel post with you all today! I finally put it together and it's good to go! As some of you might know, I was visiting my friends & family in Prague in May! Even though I was there for 3,5 weeks, it somehow flew by and it feels like a one eye wink now, seriously! I'm back in hot Florida, missing Prague already, looking back at all these memories captured in photographs!  You know that sometimes pictures tell more than a thousand words, right? So I'll just stop right here and let you enjoy my pics! They were only taken on my iPhone 6s plus. This time I focused more on recording vlogs. I inserted all of them down below, on the bottom of this article as well! I added a whole bunch of completely different photos - You can see my outfits I wore there, monuments & cool places to see, food & just the whole culture and lifestyle. Let me know what you think, whether you visited Prague, live or lived there, and what you loved the most about it! Also, let me know if you have any questions about my trips or anything you see below... ♥

Prague Castle view from Petrin Gardens! I made a vlog about how to get there and enjoy the most stunning views!

You can find this gorgeous unique wall in Havlickovy Sady, near metro station Namesti Miru. You can also see cool fountains, japanese gardens, a lot of green grass to have a picnic on, and wineyard there!

Wearing: black distressed jeans - J Brand, striped sweater - H&M, black buckle belt - Romwe, blush backpack - Botkier, white sneakers - Converse, sunnies - illesteva.

Prague view from Petrin Gardens, walking down towards Ujezd.

Trying clothes in H&M! The first day I arrived to Prague, I felt totally unleashed and spent way too much money! Shopaholics understand! Needless to say though, I really needed all these long sleeve tops during my stay in Prague! It was a little chilly the first week!

Vltava River view from Letna Park. You will have to defeat plenty of stairs to get here but it's totally worth it! Just get off the tram at Čechuv Most and head up to Letna!

Just add Harley. Ha! This was my outfit selection for meeting my friend for a walk & lunch on one of the most beautiful sunny days.

Wearing: grey bottom fray jeans - Mother Denim, Guns'n'Roses band t-shirt - Missguided, vintage denim jacket - Godwill, bandana - Romwe, sunnies - RayBan, white sneakers - Converse, backpack - Botkier.

A very cool ceiling design in one of the best café places I've been to in Prague! They have a great cherry latte! It's called The Alchymist and y'all have to go there!

My sweet niece Kristyna is such an adorable and genuinely happy baby! Love her to pieces! ♥ We played a lot and had so much fun around my family's house! I was watching her one day while her mommy was at the dentist and she was the nicest little girl, constantly hugging me & kissing me! Aw!

The roses smell so wonderful in my parent's garden! (Nice blurry job iPhone 6s plus! I'm impressed!)

More sugar, please! Having a coffee at MyRaw café in Prague! So delicious, and vegan!

Trying to figure out outfit every day! If you say it's no rocket science, I have to say you're mistaken, LOL! This hours long process usualy ended up with taking a selfie. Maniac, I know! But whatever, I'm sure one day I'll be happy for all the memories I captured!

Prague castle view on a gloomy day! Still super beautiful! If you're in Prague, take a cruise on the Vltava river, you are going to love it!

Walking around Prague with my friend, seeing all the beautiful towers & monuments again. Who can recognize the Prague astronomical clock? Oh, and don't forget the delicious smoothie from Ugo we got at the end of the day!

This lady touched my heart! We were getting out of a tram and she kept walking in front of us, heading to the same spot like us... She was an elderly woman and she walked the whole way to Strelecky Ostrov (which is an Island in Prague) to just stand there like this for 15 minutes and enjoy the view! ♥

Polaroid became my new obsession right after I got it! Life won't be the same ever again!

An old mill that went through reconstruction and became an Italian restaurant! Al Mulino it is, in Dolni Pocernice. Delicious pizza and pasta! Try their homemade lemonade in the season too, or a great local beer!

Starting on the left side: Traditional Svickova sauce that my brother made, sweet peanut bagle-like dessert filled with cream - I mean - WHATT?! Yummy doesn't describe the taste at all, it was better than words, scrambled eggs with chive, bread & butter + camomile tea!

Prague & Vltava River view from Letna Park.

Kutna hora took our breath away! Gorgeous architecture! A must visit when you're in Czech republic! The construction of this church began in 1388! Now that's seriously so long ago!

Prague Castle in all its beauty! It was such a gorgeous day, everyone was out on the boat, hanging out in the parks... You can rent these little boats if you want to, just know that it's a workout though!

My friend's showroom! I fell in love with some of the clothes & fake flowers she offers. You couldn't tell they were fake! Also rocking my new rose gold hoop earrings in this pic!

On the way back down to the river from Letna Park, you will get this stunning view of bridges that go across the river.

My mommy is such a doll! I love her so much! She is caring, loving, always going out of her way to make everyone happy! But that's what good mom's should do, right? We had so much fun just hanging out and about, shopping & cooking together! ♥

A pic from Kutna Hora, this is a Church of St. Barbara.

My amazing friend Veronika... She's always here for me, even though I've been gone for almost 3 years, I can always talk to her & she can reach out to me. That's a true friendship! Love you Veru! ♥

On the way to Dolni Pocernice park after finishing our food in the Italian restaurant. So many gorgeous views here. You just don't know where to look first to be honest!

My grandma's beautiful garden & a piece of cake that we brought there on the weekend to celebrate getting together after one year again!

Veronika's showroom volume 2. Obviously won't let these fake flowers go! LOL (Also, can we talk about the super soft, comfy pastel blue sweatshirt, that I bought in Tally Weijl and that I literally want to wear nonstop?! Ahhh)

I made so many dandelion flower crowns while being in Prague, that I can't count one my one hand! So fun & so easy to do it! I'm pretty sure I could do it for living.. Oh I wish!

Veronika's handmade soaps that she gave me as a gift! They smell delicious and look good enough to eat! Isn't she just incredibly talented? I love that girl so much! ♥

Took this pic in a japanese garden in Prague (it's in Havlickovy sady). The whole park is beautiful, definitely go check it out if you're around! Spring time is the best, everything is blooming! ♥

Jake joined me on my trip and really enjoyed the weather when it finally got sunny! He tested out his drone in my parent's garden and we just hung out and listened to bird singing, ya know...

Another Kutna Hora pic. It's just so pretty out there!

My mom's cooking creations. Starting on the left - Sweet dumplings with vanilla cream (she put way too much rum in it but hey whatever, LOL!), her special veggie salad, and bramborak with gulas! Yum!

No, seriously, you have to go to Kutna Hora in your lifetime and check out all these amazingly old huge monuments! You're going to be speechless!

Meeting my other best friend, Tereza, for a coffee & chat! Miss my ladies so much while being apart! We enjoyed the time together, stopped at our favorite places (Bageterie Boulevard) and walked million miles across Prague. Much recommended!

And these are already pictures from the plane on the way back! *cry face* It was absolutely amazing and thanks to all my friends who contributed to my wonderful experience! I couldn't picture or mention everyone, but they know! ♥ On the way back, we sadly had a plane delay because of the stormy weather in Orlando. I arrived home at 3AM on Tuesday, instead of 8PM on Monday. But jetlag is gone now, and I can fully enjoy Florida again!

Thank you guys so much for reading if you made it all the way here! Have a fabulous day/night! See you again soon with a new outfit post! XO ♥

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  1. lovely!

  2. Suzy, Prague is beautiful, I love all the colors and castles... wow, I am so happy that you were able to go and spend time with you family there and see some old friends... it's so wonderful you had the opportunity to make such lovely memories xox

  3. I see it is really worth to visit!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  4. What a wonderful trip, it was so fun for me to see all your pics. I will have to watch the videos too.



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