I'm going to let you in my bathroom today! (: As you know, sometimes I do beauty reviews. That usually happens when I'm really impressed with some product! Today, I want to share this new part of my night routine that I just recently discovered! I don't necessarily have huge, obvious dark circles under my eyes... But sometimes, when I don't get enough sleep, everyone can tell. I'm tired in the morning and I totally look it! (I think we all can relate to this!) A while ago, I did some research and found out that collagen eye masks can help with this bad morning feeling and reduce puffiness (plus fine lines!) in your under-eye area! After reading a couple of reviews on different eye masks, I found VIIcode skin care on Amazon! VIIcode eye mask is an 8-hour overnight treatment, which is different from other sheet masks. The fresh feeling when you wake up is priceless! You might know that our under-eye area has the most sensitive skin out of the whole body! Always make sure you're using only good stuff! I did the mistake once in the past and bought a cheap eye cream on sale. *Woke up with rash all over my face*. No no, this luxurious mask won't put you through hard times! It will in fact prevent them!

These gel-like eye pads are supposed to go on your under-eye area 2-3 times per week. It's a great night routine for those who have an important meeting or event in the morning and want to wake up fresh!

VIIcode skin care recommends that you use 3 boxes for a full treatment.

The routine I normally do, is: Remove make-up before I take a shower as per usual. I use my night face cream and lip balm when I get out. (My lips get super dry at night!) Right before I go to bed, I put the gel pads under my eyes. Then I simply remove them when I wake up in the morning! They hold pretty well, so you don't have to worry about losing them while you're sleeping!

Sometimes, when I'm staying home for the day, I will put the eye mask on in the daytime, and leave it on for 8 hours, never longer. The refreshing effect is the same. I love doing this when I'm extremely tired and feel like my eyes need a lift!

Have you ever tried this mask? How did you like it? I let my friend try one pack over-night and she confirmed she felt very refreshed in the morning. Also, her under-eye area was incredibly smooth! Let me know if you have any experience or questions, I'm happy to answer them! Happy Thursday! XO Zuzana ♥

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  1. Mask sounds exciting! thanks for sharing!

    Inside and Outside Blog
    P.S. your blog is super informative! just wanted to share it. I enjoyed reading it!

  2. I've tried these and love them! They help with my under eye circles so much!

  3. This sounds dreamy! I've been using benefit's eye potent cream and I feel like it isn't effective enough on my dark eye circles. A mask like this is just what I need x

    Bits of Reg | Regina


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