Don't Grow Up, It's A Trap!

Hi babes! ♥ Are you as excited for the weekend as I am? Time to chill, enjoy the things you love & live in the moment! I'm currently listening to Justin Bieber station on Pandora, getting this post ready, making banana pancakes! Yum! I'd like to introduce you my new, origami-inspired backpack from Oribagu! How cool is the whole concept? It was a love at first sight for me! My gorgeous marble bear is going to be my loyal company everywhere I go from now on! I actually remember myself as a kid playing with paper and folding various shapes out of it - boats, frogs, hearts etc... So it has a bit of nostalgia into it for me too! ♥

The outfit I went for today, is my new Summer go-to! Of course, it includes denim shorts... (HAHA, as i mentioned in my last post, they are my best friend here in Florida!) This cool hooded crop top that says - 'Don't grow up, it's a trap', is just one of the new pieces from my recent Romwe order (that I made a video about HERE). I just love pairing short tops with high-waisted shorts! It's the perfect Summer match! Then I just added my comfy Adidas sneakers, Bieber hat (how unpredictable from a crazy Belieber, right? - lol) and my black lace choker. I hope you like this Korean fashion inspired look that I put together! Let me know! Cheers to the weekend! XO

Grey hooded crop top - Romwe, denim shorts - Cello Jeans, marble bear origami backpack - Oribagu, white sneakers - Stan Smith for Adidas, black Bieber baseball hat - Purpose Tour Merchandie, lace choker - gift.

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  1. Such a cute outfit. :) I have yet to try banana pancakes.

  2. Wooow it's my first time visiting your blog
    I must say that you're super pretty
    nice blog and content


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