Longer Hair, Shorter Shorts!

Hi cutie pies! ♥ How is everyone enjoying the Summer? I hope y'all have some fun stuff coming up to make the best of this warm season! I've been literally living in my denim shorts and crop tops recently! When you live in the Tropics, you really don't have many more options than something easy to keep yourself cool! I'm usually switching between flowy dresses and super short shorts this time of the year!

Not so long ago, I took my tape-in extensions out (to be exact, my lovely hairstylist Britt did), as I decided to let my hair rest for a little while. I've been unfortunately missing my long curls since! I know my natural hair actually grew super long and it's probably just fine now, but I missed the volume as well! So I kept thinking: 'What can I do to give my hair a little break from permanent tape-ins, but still enjoy long hair?' - That drove me to the good ol' friend Google. I wanted to find out what my options are! Then I found a reasonable website called Best Hair Store with human hair that offers (not only but also) clip-in extensions! I went for it and thanks to that, I enjoyed the gorgeous 18' long blonde hair while shooting my look! ♥ Even if you have long-ish hair, this set definitely adds the desired volume and healthy look! I was pretty impressed with the quality and softness of the product! What I love about clip-ins the most is, that you can just put them in for a day, or an event that you're going to, and rock the long hairstyle! Then you take them off, go to bed and sleep comfortably! There's just something about the long hair! Once you have it, it's so freakin' hard to go back to lob! Now I'm seriously going to let my hair grow until I'm happy with it & don't need some stranger's hair! LOL

Nude lace-up crop top - Forever 21, denim shorts - Cello Jeans, plum hat - Hat Attack, burgundy crossbody - She+Lo, open toe mazarine shoes - Dolce Vita, gold fishtail choker - Anthropologie, sunnies - Missguided, set of rose gold bracelets - 7 Charming Sisters.

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  1. I would've never guessed you were wearing extensions, they blend in with your hair so flawlessly! Looking absolutely amazing as always, this is the perfect summer look <3

    Andini xx | Adventures of an Anglophile


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