80's Denim Revival

Yes, I might love mom jeans as much as you hate them. That's OK! :)
When I was deciding for this look today, I planned to put my current mood into it. It's 100% me and how I wanted to speak to people without opening my mouth. I thought I would take this new army green lace up top for a first walk, together with my high waisted distressed pair of jeans! I topped it off with a teeny tiny belt to hold it up on my waist (yes these jeans surely are a bit loose but that's the point, right?) and put my hair in an side pony tail. I felt like doing something different with my hair! (I'm putting my extensions back in soon and I'm ecstatic about it!) I didn't even know we're taking a camera with us until I got all ready. I thought why not to capture this funky look of mine and make it stay on the internet forever? LOL I hope you celebrated the First Day of Fall with a pumpkin candle or maybe apple picking!? Oh I wish I could do that again... Have a wonderful Sunday Everyone! And Happy Fall! ♥ I'm going to be more active here on my blog too! Now that my favorite season is here! More and more outfits to come!

Army green lace up shirt - BangGood, blue mom jeans - Romwe, Warren backpack - Botkier, thin black belt - Zara, glasses - Giant Vintage, silver chain bracelet - Sarah Briggs, shoes - Nike Roshe.

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  1. You are just so dang cute!!!! Love this look on you, those jeans are super cute too! <3 XOXO Britt


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