Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall!

Hello Everybody! ♥ I hope you guys started your week off right! This past weekend was super busy for me as I was doing a big cleanup and also setting up the house for Fall! YAY! I love decorating so much! It feels so amazing when it's done! So worth all the effort! I put some cozy, fall looking pillow cases on our sofa, added some warm throw blankets & yummy smelling candles.. Digged up pumpkin decor from last year and placed it on the dining table... Ready, set, GO! We are officially in the Fall 2017! How did this even happen? LOL Me and my friend Brittany welcomed the new season with a super fun D.I.Y. project: Pumpkin painting! And yes, there is a video on my YouTube channel already! ♥ Come hang out with us!

This outfit is my first Fall look of the season! So exciting! I love this mustard yellow cardigan to pieces and I was dying to start wearing it again! Well, it's still kinda on the warm side here in Florida, but we're slowly getting there and I couldn't be more thrilled for the temperature to go down! This outfit 100% evokes Fall in me. On the day that these pictures were taken, I really felt like I'm somewhere on the coutryside up North, ... the light breeze playing with my hair... All I was thinking about was hitting a local farmer's markets somewhere cold, drinking a hot apple cider & snacking on a pumpkin pie. Ugh! LOL. Britt picked a truly amazing spot for our pictures this time! Thanks friend! ♥ Let me know what's your favorite thing about Autumn and also what colors remind you of Fall the most! Mine would have to be burgundy, orange & definitely the color of my cardigan... XO

Mustard yellow cardigan - Forever 21, white silky lace top - Romwe, blue skinny jeans - Wax Denim, Selma handbag - Michael Kors, Juneau fringe booties - Dolce Vita, golden fishtail choker - Anthropologie, olive color hat - Forever 21, hoop earrings with a stone - Camaïeu.

Thank you so much Britt for taking these pictures! Love you! ♥

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  1. LOVE this cardigan!!! It is so fall for sure! My fave fall color has to be black, jk its definitely burgundy!! XOXO Britt

  2. The blue colour of your skinny jeans from Romway looks pretty styled with the long mustard coloured cardigan and silky white lace top from Forever 21 and your lipstick is a very pretty colour! I love the look and the pics!


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