Oversized Peach Sweater

Hi Guys! ♥ I hope everyone is doing well! I know I've been gone for a while... While I've been pretty active on my YouTube channel, I took a little break from my blog. Sometimes it's hard to keep up with life. LOL For some bloggers, it can be difficult to juggle everything, especially if you don't do this full time and have other jobs. The good news is - I always love coming back to my blog, no matter how long I stay away! ♥ I can't believe December is already here and 2017 is almost over! Howwww? I feel like this year just fast forwarded itself!? Crazy how time flies! But I LOVE Christmas and I'm so excited for this time of the year! It's the most wonderful time of the year again! We already decorated the tree after Thanksgiving, and all other Xmas preps are in progress (baking and stuff)! Check out my vlogmas if you want to spend more time with me! ♥

This past weekend, me and Jake took a walk in the park that we've never been to before! The hurricane destroyed some of the huge trees there and entering it was sadly restricted for the past few weeks. It was a very nice breezy weather on that day so I didn't hesitate to put on my new oversized peach sweater from SammyDress. I seriously love this sweater so much! It's such a cozy, comfy knit! Perfect for the Florida Winter! You know I'm obsessed with loose sweaters (must be the Korean fashion influence), and this one is just so adorable! I also want to share how much I love my beautiful Smokey Jade Gorilla backpack from Oribagu that I recently got! This backpack is absolutely fabulous and big enough to fit my laptop in (and then some...) It wears very comfortably and it's the most stylish accessory I've had in a while! It adds all the edge to your look! XO

Peach knit sweater - SammyDress, black marble backpack - Oribagu, black faux leather leggings - H&M, black and white Stan Smith sneakers - Adidas, vintage golden frame sunglasses - Giant Vintage, star choker - SammyDress.

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  1. I love your YouTube videos! (I subscribed). You look fabulous (and cute) rocking that oversized peach coloured sweater with the black H+M tights in all of these wonderful outfit photos! I love all of your poses and your smiles.
    It was also nice seeing the sweater starting at 3:36 of your YouTube video titled "SAMMYDRESS TRY ON HAUL (+ Jake reacts) | FALL/WINTER 2017 | SWEATERS & ONESIES".
    I also enjoyed watching your video "DECORATE WITH ME! CHRISTMAS 2017". :D

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  2. P.S.: The pink unicorn onesie (starting around 10:35 in your video SAMMYDRESS TRY ON HAUL (+ Jake reacts) | FALL/WINTER 2017 | SWEATERS & ONESIES) is absolutely adorable!!!


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