Hello Everybody! ♥ I know that Spring is taking its sweet time this year... but hang in there, it's right around the corner! The past few days were surprisingly chilly in Florida. Weather is officially acting crazy! Me and my friend, blogger Aubrie, decided to take a walk in this gorgeous park in Orlando and certainly didn't dress properly. Could have used more layers for sure! Sun was shining, but the wind was pretty cold and in the shade, we were freezing! If my mom saw me in this crop top when it's 14 Celsius outside, I would definitely hear about it. LOL (She used to tell me to tuck my tee in when it's cold, or I would get a bladder infection!) Slowly realizing that my mom was not being overprotective but actually pretty reasonable and so right. Oh well, we all have learn the hard way! Thanks mom! For this outfit, I paired my favorite striped sweater I bought in Prague last year, vintage denim jacket from a thrift store that you've seen so many times by now (really in love with this piece!) and a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans! Such a comfy casual combo - so me... I could live in this look! 
My trip to Prague is SUPER CLOSE and I'm getting really excited as you can see on some of these photos lol. Silly is my middle name! I will never grow up I think... There's way too many pictures following this little writing but hey, I like them all and I just couldn't narrow it down no matter how hard I tried. *I'm sorry!* 
Vintage denim jacket - Goodwill thrift store, white cropped sweater with stripes - New Yorker, distressed boyfriend jeans - Forever 21, Stan Smith sneakers - Adidas, crossbody - Chloe.

Thank you so much for all these pics Aubrie! ♥

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