Still growing. 🌻

Wow. That has been a crazy few years, going through my biggest personal transformation yet. I’ve honestly NEVER gone through anything like this before. Spiritually mainly, but not just that. The way I look at things in life is forever changed and will never be the same.

If you were my regular reader, maybe you thought I would never come back to blogging again, after I've given up on it so many times. Or maybe you kept checking what I've been up to, wondering what's going on with me. In that case, I thank you for that truly and I'm sorry I let you down. The truth is, I was just never fully ready to jump into this world again. Probably because I felt like I didn't have anything meaningful to share, except dressing up and serving you fashion photos of me, myself and I. And I've come to this: That should not be my life purpose. It should not define who I am. There is so much more to life and what I have to share with my audience. I simply had to grow to this point to realize what I truly want to do with the voice I have. Well, I still love nice fitting clothes (who doesn't), but it is not all that my world revolves around, honestly. More than ever, I'm thinking about minimalism and having just a few very well made pieces that will last a while. (On the other hand, I've been spending way too much time looking at outdoor stuff such as hiking poles and tents recently, and I haven't gone fashion shopping in about 5 months now!)

Some people meet you years later, and they say: 'Wow, you’ve changed.' My answer to those would be: 'Well, I’d hope so.' It’s a good thing to constantly be changing, isn't it? If you’re stuck at one place, seeing the world from just one perspective all the time, you will never get out of your comfort zone. And you probably know that YOU CAN'T GROW IN YOUR COMFORT ZONE. You need to get out of it and explore a bit.

My dream has always been publishing a book. And thanks to the recent events it's becoming more and more clear what the book should be about. I'm so grateful for this revolution in my life. I’ve always wanted to go the extra mile for my readers. I've always looked for the added value when reading other blogs myslef. And I struggled with this a little bit on my blog. I chose to dress up, take pictures, edit them and then write about what I’m wearing. Which is totally fine, but I desperately needed more. I need to give you more than that. I felt like something was missing in this whole 'writing a blog' thing. But I am here now, ready to change it. Ready to write like it's no one's business, the way I want, share more about my life, my experience and what brought me to this point of almost like a spiritual awakening. Possibly help someone who might be going through something similar. I want to open topics here, that I would normally never talk about but now I want to. It's going to be about me, but also about you and for you. I'd like to be your go-to spot for not just a fashion advice.

Finally I know what I want to do with my time, with my life and with my blog. I want to use this platform in a different way than before. I finally see the purpose of sharing something with my readers and I truly hope you will stick around with me even though it’s not gonna be what it used to.

You might be asking what brought me to this point. There are so many things that has helped me on my path to where I am. And I must say, the journey is not over yet. (It's never really over. We are constantly growing as long as we water the soil...). I would like to open up about all these impulses on my blog in the future, but the biggest role played, of course, who I met, what I've gone through in the past few years, what I've been reading and practising. I went through relationships that were toxic, and I stayed in them thinking that the person would change eventually. Big mistake! People never really change (I gave a second chance to one of my exes and he left me again for the second time, the exact same way he did the first time - immature and not knowing what he wants) plus the only thing you actually have any control over is whether YOU change. Because you can't make them change. Simply not. My therapist once told me that people really change in their core only after some kind of traumatic event. Death of someone they love, or when they struggle with health themselves and realize what's truly important to them. The change needs to always come from within them. It MUST be their personal decision and free will to do so. You can't force it. There's always a possibility that they will change afterwards, when they realize they lost you due to their bad behavior. But stop hoping for it. You need to get on with your own life! Some people will suck the energy and joy out of you without you even realizing what they are doing to you. You let them. After you realize that, you always need to learn from these experiences. Meeting the wrong people will actually allow you to grow as a person!

We are often stuck in our cycles. We cycle simply until we learn something - an important life lesson. Then we can leave the cycle and see the huge progress. Well, I would say that something like this happened to me. I finally broke the cycle of looking for love in all the wrong places and started looking for love within myself. (thank you Lana del Rey for writing The Blackest Day)

Self-love, doing what I love doing, learning things about myself, realizing what I don't like about my personality and working on it to fix it for no one but MYSELF first of all. Educating my soul on different spiritual topics and understanding other people and my own actions better. Going back to nature, breathing in and out, enjoying the smell of the crisp morning forest air and letting the rays of sunshine fall on my face. Realizing that people do not need much to be happy and that the best things are for free. Weren't we all happy as children when our parents let us go play outdoors? Funny how going back to our roots is actually the right way to moving forward. Looking back, all the fuck ups I had to deal with were my motor that kept me going and made me search for more. Because I've always known that there was more to life. More than failed relationships, more than staying in the village I was born in and marrying my school classmate just because he seemed okay. More than being able to state: I have a husband, a baby, dogs and an outdoor swimming pool. The standards in our society are so deeply set that for some people just imagining living outside of this box feels so uncomfortable. You can experience much more than what everyone else around you is! You can meet many interesting people and see beautiful places on Earth - and I think that's what life is about. Settle when YOU're ready, or never. It's up to you. Don't rush it, don't lose yourself trying to get what everyone around is already having. We all have different paths, none of them is right or wrong. It is our special path! After travelling around the world, my goals in life simply MUST be different from other people's and that's okay. I'm 30 with no kids, I'm self-sufficient, I have a few wonderful friends, the cutest little apartment and an amazing job here in Prague, but most importantly, I'm healthy and able to enjoy life to its fullest. Do I need more? Nope. I feel extremely lucky to have all these things. Plus, I'm not a tree, I can move anywhere I want. My dream is to travel and write about it. To connect with the nature and evolve naturally. We all need to respect each other's life choices and stop judging them. I'm here to give you a friendly reminder that you DO have options when it comes to your life. You can (and what more, YOU HAVE TO) choose where your mind & body WANTS to go, always. Think about it before it's too late.

If you're currently going through some difficulties, know that things usually sort themselves out. Sometimes, what seems like a loss to you at the moment - might actually be the best gift to yourself and your future. The Universe will never give you what you aren't ready for yet. There is always good in the bad. Trust me. And when one door closes, let it be closed. It wasn't your door! You have no idea how much I struggled, being broken up with a bunch of times. Yes, it hurt like hell, because I was all in and gave my all to someone who wasn't ready for a woman who was ready (sad irony). But, today, when I'm looking back, I feel so grateful it didn't work out with that specific person and the other one and the other one. Or, I AM grateful it worked out for a few years at least, and I had a chance to learn something about myself. Trying to look at the bright side, because all relationships teach us something. Either what we want, or what we definitely don't! 

Where I am now, that's exactly where I should be. And without all that happening to me, without having all the stuff to face, I possibly wouldn't be going through this awakening. Thanks to meeting and having to deal with the wrong people, I've found the way back to myself. Why do we give so much to other people and neglect ourselves and our mental health? We are the only sure thing we have in this life! We are the one who needs to take care of our body and soul, we go to sleep in this skin, we have to daily deal with our thoughts, yet we choose to give all the energy and time to someone who might leave us tomorrow without a word! I sadly happened to be on both sides of this story throughout my life. (Karma?) But that's just life. And as I said, we learn. You always need to do what's best for you and let people deal with their own disappointment. You can't stay somewhere because they would be sad or you'd feel guilty of leaving them! If you're not happy and this relationship is not pleasing, run! Life is way too short and you have to be a little selfish here. That's the part of THEIR journey and growth too. Give the most love to yourself first, everyone should! Only in that state of mind you can be a good partner, because you know that all you need, you already have (YOU) and you don't seek relationships for the missing puzzle, but more for like getting something extra, like a cherry on the top of the cake.

Realizing you're lacking self-love and learning how to obtain it, will get you going in the right direction in your life, I promise.

If you start doing what you love, what you've always wanted to - and it really is not a cliche - things will naturally come to you. It's like a snowball after that. You'll meet the right people at the right time. There's no such thing as bad timing. If there's no happy ending - well, it's not the end yet!

I’m ready to share more of me. I want to open up about my stories and hopefully talk about relatable things. You're not alone. We're all built from the same foundation. We all have our battles. Everyone is fighting a battle you have no idea about. It is extremely important to talk about these things. So I want to talk about my new life, share the photos and videos from my hikes and my thoughts more often. I’m changing the concept of The Kawaii Planet as you now it - and I hope you will still stick around no matter what. I will make videos again, I want to do podcasts as well. I want to get crafty, I want to write and share my spiritual thoughts, take pictures, show you the beautiful nature I take walks into and give you some tips if you ever visit these places. I would love to stay in touch and if you have any questions or ideas, or if you think I could help you somehow on your journey, please write me a message -

I'm not going to delete my old posts. Some of them make me smile. :) But it's the sweet kind of funny. Cringy, sometimes. It was also me once upon a time. It is a part of me, my history, my past, a part of who I am now as well. I love my memories and I don’t regret making any of these videos and posts EVER, because there's a lot of fun behind them, and a hard work too. I just simply choose to do it differently now. It is the part of the process. Your fashion girl turned a bit spiritual and likes outdoor now. I hope you'll come back. Thanks for reading, XO Zuzana

Photo with books by hosta

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  1. Love to see you post after such a long time!! I could relate to sooo much of what you wrote above... I really needed to read this today!
    I would love to read your upcoming posts about your wonderful travels/hikes and your insights on minimalism... lots of love and strength to you ❤️

  2. You have I have seen each other grow tremendously thanks to the blogging world! So much that our experiences even share a few similarities. 1. It’s so good to see you back blogging, and 2. I look forward to any future post / video you create! Your Instagram shows your transformation so well and I’m beyond happy for the life you are currently living. I myself love nature and enjoy watching your hiking (& foodie) adventures! Can’t wait to read more and sending you lots of love!πŸ’–


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