Follow your soul, it knows the way.

We are on a journey that never ends ... My name is Zuzana and I celebrated my 30th birthday in February 2020. I wrote a very first post on this blog (originally The Kawaii Planet) in 2014. And let me tell you - a lot can happen in 6 years! I currently live in Prague. I started this blog when living in Orlando, Florida though. Back then, I was into girly fashion and all the cute stuff in general. First post ever published here was on July 1st, 2014. Since then, I went through a major transformation. If you're following my blog since the very beginning, you've seen me grow and change the focus throughout the years. And that's an inevitable part of the process too. Our journeys are full of twists and turns. 

“For a star to be born, there is one thing that must happen: a gaseous nebula must collapse.So collapse. Crumble. This is not your destruction. This is your birth.”

I was 24 when I came up with The Kawaii Planet concept. Before that, I'd always have a blog. I was born to write and share! When the internet came around to my parent's house in 2003 or so, I set up my personal website right away, and wrote about celebrities and stuff. And I was already writing a printed magazine for my classmates long before that (I still have copies somewhere, it's cringy as hell!) I always felt some kind of urgency to publish, to use my voice. Interesting, looking back. I really loved writing since elementary school, and I remember my Czech language teacher in high school giving me as an example to the class for always writing long meaningful stories. He always encouraged me to join writing contests and I did a few times. Anyways, back to my blog. Why this name? Well, I'm kind of obsessed with anything and everything Japanese since visiting Hokkaido in 2012. Kawaii means cute in japanese. I'm forever hooked on the Asian culture, fashion, food, nature ... Back in the day, this blog was mainly focused on cutesy outfits and things, so the name seemed like a suitable idea. It's funny that even though my fashion and lifestyle were ever changing, I never felt like I should change the name. Even now, more than ever, the name seems pretty accurate. After 2 years of not being active on this platform at all, last month - August 2020 - I finally transformed this website into an outdoor / motivation / spiritual blog and just recently named it after me, Zuzi. I love being called Zuzi. I've travelled around the world, looking for myself. But it's not about the places - yes, they can open your eyes and heart and make you realize things - but it's actually all in your head. Home is a state of mind. Once you're happy with yourself, you're at home! Planets in the universe are constantly moving, changing, meeting other planets on the way, sometimes coliding and collapsing. I believe in the whole Universe philosophy, as well as I believe that what is meant to be, it'll always find its way. And therefore I'm right here, doing what I'm doing, because I believe there's purpose in it. We never meet people by accident. And you're not reading this post by accident either. 🤗

Trust the wait, embrace the uncertainty. Every single event in your life comes for you - to guide you, to support you, to teach you and to have you come home to yourself.

So during these 6 years I went from kawaii lifestyle to sort of like an American girl fashion blogger (this was another huge transformation on the way - thanks to working in a high end boutique I learned how to dress and do make-up and my style totally changed). I'm extremely grateful for everything that happened to me because it led me exactly where I am now. All these little big things, and people I met on the way, helped me form into who I am today. Finally, in my late twenties, I was able to stop and listen to my soul - I was able to look at all the versions of me and simply analyze what I like about each of them. Nurture the good and fight the bad. And every day I'm learning more and more about the world. I feel like my life has just started. The most important season of my life is happening right now. I feel wiser and I'm at peace with myself. I got to a place that I can call home (not physically, but in my head). My own head is offering me all these wonderful things to think about and I'm taking it all. It's a blessing. I feel like I can be the best version of myself and show what's really inside of me, not based on looks or anything material. When you get to this point, you don't need aything else, it's enough. I'm ready to create different things and values, I reflect on myself, and it all comes so naturally if you let it. Just be! Just accept what's coming.

So, what is this blog going to be about moving forward? I would love to write about just anything that comes to my mind. Keep it 100% authentic. I want to write about all the nature & mountain trips I made this year. So get ready for a lot of travelling posts with stunning nature photos. (Even more trips planned so stay tuned!) I want to talk relationships here (as I struggled a lot with this and I would have loved having a place to go and ask when needed), psychology in general, various problems and how to deal with them based on my own experience. I want to share stories I've heard and give you my opinion. I want to write about interesting creative hobbies and feature some beautiful souls I come across, and just really focus on the personal growth and self development. How to become better and happier, how to enjoy life to its fullest. How to overcome obstacles on the way. Because I think that for human beings to be happy, people need to find love within themselves, expand their consciousness and eliminate the things that are stopping them. So, if you want to grow and raise your spiritual awareness with me, you're at the right place.

“Maybe the journey isn't so much about becoming anything. Maybe it's about un-becoming everything that isn't really you so you can become who you're meant to be in the first place.”

Thank you for being here and reading my post. I hope you come back. XO Zuzana

Photos by hosta.

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