My beloved Benecko ๐Ÿ’š

 'Don't rush something you want to last forever.' - I read this quote on my Pinterest today when I refreshed my feed. I thought I would share it here, since we all are sometimes going through this unclear period of time, when we just don't know how it's gonna happen in the end, but we know it will! Nobody likes waiting but we all have to face it, once in a while. Don't we all need this friendly reminder, that everything will ALWAYS come together, that things will sort themselves out just in time, exactly when they are supposed to ... ? Just trust the process! ๐Ÿ”ฎ

Hello, my friends, how have you been? Today, I'm about to share some photos and a few words about one of my latest Krkonoลกe trip. I will remember this one until the end of my life. It hit me too deep, mostly because I returned back there after, oh well, almost 20 years! Let's just start this story by saying that for many years, I've wanted to return to this area to refresh and revive my memories (sooo much snow, skiing and hiking...). I wished to come back there for this reason - As a child, my family used to drive to Vitkovice in Krkonoลกe (close to Benecko) for mine and my brother's Spring break. It's where I learned to ski as a 3 year old girl! So we would go to the ski slopes to ski, we had snowball fights, and me and my dad always went for our traditional walk from Vitkovice to Benecko and then we sledged back down the hill! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ›ท We always stayed in the same hotel, always, never elsewhere. And I kept thinking about this place throughout my life, wondering how it looks like nowadays. When I had a chance, not so long ago, to camp around this gorgeous area, I didn't hesitate to make a short trip down to Vitkovice again, to check it out. It was only a few kilometres from Benecko. No locals seemed to be outside at first, a quiet walk. Even though it was such a perfect sunny day. So we walked and I experienced these roads and paths the very first time in the summertime. It looked so different, almost like if I was somewhere else. Walked a bit, and there it was, the hotel! The hotel I wanted to see one more time in my life! The one I made so many memories in! Ahh... It looked close to ramshackle! Totally abandoned, grass nearly growing outta windows. It was clear that nobody was inside, no guests. No life. And my heart broke. I never wanted to see this! It was my bright and colorful childhood! How quickly can the loveliest memories be shattered in million pieces. I had this urge and need to come back for years! And as I was standing there with my mouth open, I realized things are just never the same. It's not the same river you're standing in. I shouldn't have come, I thought. Not to see this. I should have kept the good old days in my head and let the memories rest in peace in my mind like that. Oh well, now I know, don't I? Maybe I will be able to make new memories around that place, in another hotel, with my own family one day (๐Ÿ‘ซ๐Ÿถ) but I honestly feel like I want to find another place like that, with a new aura and fresh vibe, and never see this ruin again. I want to devote this post to the memory of my childhood and make peace with it.

Well, at least I met and recognized one of the ski lift guys that used to be on the Aldrov ski slope when I did skiing as a kid. Always helped me get in the ski cabin. He looked still the same, what a nice grey hair guy, his smile constantly on. As a kid, I suspected him that he smiles even at night when he sleeps, haha. It made me happy to see him walking with his family, even though I didn't approach him. He was an older guy now, and he would never recognize me anyways. I must admit, that day, I felt a bit nostalgic. But no worries, the feeling was gone by the next morning. ☀️ We had a few days and nights in a tent planned in Benecko. This place really offers some beautiful walks and hikes in the summertime. If you enjoy nature, you'll love it!

There is a bus going from Praha, Cerny most, to Vrchlabi or Harrachov, and then you can take another one directly to Benecko. In the summertime, the mountain buses also have a huge trailer for bikes, so if you're traveling with a bicycle, it's taken care of when transiting between the spots.
These cute and noisy ๐Ÿ˜Š goats were near penzion Na ล pici. I think they are pretty friendly!
Enjoying the mountain views and delicious apricots that I bought in a little shop on the main street. They sell literally EVERYTHING you can think of from pastries to cosmetics, to pencils and coloring books, to sweets and pasta, popcorn ... to for example sausages for dinner if you're planning a campfire - only where allowed! - that's what we did! YUM!)

'Love your life! Take pictures of everything. tell people you love them. Talk to random strangers. Do things that you're scared to do. F**k it, because so many of us die and no one remembers a thing we did. Take your life and make it the best story in the world. Don't waste it!'

How cute are these geese mugs? Of course I tried the water and it tasted so delicious and clean! I can compare it to the water I drank from Bรญlรฉ Labe.
Gotta love these old brick buildings! Look at that little pooch guarding the garden! ๐Ÿ˜Š
This house was so interesting. I can't even name all the tools I can see hanging there! How about you? Looks like some medieval stuff?
Making instant noodles and all different instant dishes is fun! You would never know how hungry and excited for ANY food you can get after a long hike. It's eye opening. Oh, and why instant soups? Because they are super light weight if you're traveling with a stuffed backpack. I looove the mushroom cream, and of course, we made plenty of green tea on this little portable gas heater.
Magenta pink in the natural environment. WOW!
You know, just living my best life, eating a chicken soup in a tent! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
The first evening, I felt so tired and I didn't want to go for a walk after the dinner. I was tossing in my sleeping bag in the tent, being all lazy. But I'm SO glad I ended up saying yes to the evening stroll - this view was worth it! Amazing how many colors can be spotted on this sky!
The usual morning when camping. Slowly waking up, eating an oatmeal, getting ready for the day.
Kontryhel obecnรฝ, or Alchemilla vulgaris, is a very helpful medicinal plant that can for ex. heal a painful stomach or bladder infection.
And that is our little Quechua tent down there on the hill. Super easy and quick to build and fold. The only thing is, that it's pretty heavy for hiking trips in your backpack. It's 4,5 kg and I would recommend it only for camping when you're getting places by a car. Considering upgrading to any ultra light tent in the near future.
The trails around Benecko are gorgeous with a lot of green, forest smell, forest fruit, and very little amount of people! Recommended!
Now this place is out of this world! When hiking, the sky got cloudy all of a sudden (yeah, the unpredictable mountain conditions!) and we were hiding behind the trees for a while. With our rain coats on, we slowly found our way outside the forest, of course - took the unexplored path with no idea where we're gonna end up getting out! ๐ŸŒฒ Well, we got lucky. When the forest opened up, we got this stunning mountain view, with cows! ๐Ÿฎ I mean, can it get even better? Heck yeah, there was a natural bench made out of a piece of wood + campfire place, so we sat there and survived the giant never ending storm (thundering and lightning like crazy!) under the tree, looking at all this beauty. There were absolutely no disruptive sounds, just the cows breathing (by the way, how smart are they? They also hid under the tree when it started raining!) and rain drops... And then I saw a huge frog in the grass! I only have a video, so head out to my Instagram if you want more adventures on my insta stories! So peaceful, so unforgettable. ❤️
Back in the tent. Chilling with a tea. The sun always comes out after the rain! ๐Ÿ˜Š
La fashiooon. Outdoor fashiooon. 
Another beautiful sunset in Benecko.
Believe it or not, an earl grey tea is a good enough reason for me to smile in the morning. When all you hear is birds and you're breathing in the fresh air right when you get up, what more could make you happy?

Now get off the PC / phone and go for a walk! ๐Ÿป Have a great new week! XO Zuzana

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