Plant lovin' feat. Tereza 🌱

(WARNING: After reading this post, you will want to create a botanic garden in your house!)

Everytime Tereza says she wants to do something, bet anything you want she will! 100%. She is a doer! And I admire her so much for so many reasons. One of them is, she has stuck with me throughout the best and worst and she accepts me the way I am - unlike some other 'friends' that were always trying to change or fix me (they are NOT in my life anymore). That's what best friends do! We've known each other for about 10 years and I consider her my family. I asked her for a permission to take photos of her plant paradise that she built all herself (well, with a little help of her dad). And she said yes! Her room is like a zen oasis. The plants give it such a peaceful vibe, and I always feel super close to nature when visiting her and drinking my favorite black tea on her sofa. 

'When life gives you plants, make a jungle!'

So, Tereza kept following all these plant boards on Pinterest (she managed to get me hooked too - here's mine) and one day she simply started plotting how to make it happen. She bought a few plants, she liked it. She found out she loves it when they bloom, when they grow greener and greener. And she wanted more. So she measured her window corner πŸ“ and that's how it started. Her dad bought some wooden and iron materials and created this huge rack for plants. Tereza re-organized her whole place and bought even more plants. I love creative souls, I love when someone finds what keeps their soul happy and occupied. Too many people follow Pinterest and never actually make anything. It was me too, until not so long ago! I started making jewelry again and I can't wait to show you when the time comes! With plants though, you really need some serious dedication as they can cost you a lot of money and die the next day due to too much or too little water. But in the long run, it's a very rewarding hobby as Tereza confirms. I asked her a few questions regarding her beautiful plant corner (that I'm pinning right after posting) and you can read the whole interview below.

▷ What was the first impulse to creating this botanic garden in your apartment? 
I wanted to have a piece of jungle in my room. Caring for plants makes me feel at peace and 
gives me happiness. πŸ˜Š

▷ Which one of these plants is your absolute favorite and why?
That would be zamioculcas. It's my very first plant. It’s extremely chill and undemanding 
yet it grows fast. I’m always so happy when I check back in and see a new zamio baby peeking 
out of the soil. πŸ˜€

▷ Do you have a watering plan / system? - Considering that each plant has different 
needs? There are so many to keep up with – do you have a schedule or do you simply 
remember which plant needs what?
I’m planning to make some kind of schedule for fertilizing next year. I’m still 
able to keep up with what each individual plant needs. I have to be careful especially with the new
plants – still kind of testing how they react to what. Maybe I will eventually create a little label 
with instructions for each pot. It’s major to remember whether this or that plant needs a moist or dry
soil before another watering. If there’s too much water around the roots, it could start to rot from the
bottom – and that’s the beginning of the end. On the other side – spraying is easier because most 
plants simply like this kind of refreshment. I currently have only one plant that doesn’t need it.

▷ Any basic tips for the zen oasis to stay green and healthy?
I would definitely recommend reading the plant’s information and origin - mainly find out what conditions
 it likes in its natural environment. According to that you can then decide what watering routine will 
work the best for that type. Fertilizing is also very important – it’s necessary especially in the summer
 months when the plant grows and blooms the most.

▷ Where do you get inspiration for your little (big) plant paradise?
On Pinterest, of course. I found this whole hanging wall concept there – glass balls and kokedamas
The idea was born. I wasn‘t sure how to make it at first, but luckily my dad is a crafty handy man.

▷ What’s the future plan(t)s? Will you just keep going until you really sleep in a jungle? πŸŒ±
Haha. Now I’m looking for plants that like a bit of a shade because the room I have by the window is slowly 
getting full. When I buy a new shelf – I’m sure I will fill it again soon. Everytime I go to a hobby market,
there’s no such thing for me  as leaving without any plant! It's a beautiful mania though.

Just add a few candles and wood accents. 
The colors in your green corner don't have to match. When you use different textures, colors and styles of pots, it' looks even more effortlessly cool!
Zamioculcas is such a grateful plant! it does not need much (light or water) and it grows fast and tall! I own one myself and I bought it in IKEA when I moved into my flat August 2019. It's growing like crazy since then (I call it a demagorgon due to how fast it's changing and transforming - nearly reaching my bed lol)
Tereza says it's important to not just water the soil, but spray the plants once in a while. The water often removes dust from the leaves or rinses away insect that can be harmful. Don't over-do it though, some plants tend to rot if too much water applied. It's a rocket science it seems. πŸš€

Another very undemanding plant is ivy. Lots of music for such little money Tereza says.
This project is my favorite thing ever. Tereza bought some glass globes and then put little cactuses in it (and decorated it with soil, sand, stones and sea shells). How cute are these?
Tereza always has 3 watering cans ready ahead, so the chlorine can dissolve from the tap water. It's much better for the plants.
The moss here is actually still alive. It keeps the water and moist in.
Buddha accent is a must. Love this grey one and I'm putting it on my wishlist.
I got this plant as a gift (and Tereza also got it as a gift when making a huge order online). She said she wants to pick her plants by herself though, according to what she likes, which I totally get. Also, she said, it's an easy one for care, since it shows when it needs water - she called it a 'drama queen'. 
I hope this post was somehow inspiring tor you. Do you love plants? Let me know what you think about Tereza's project in the comments! 
Happy Wednesday! XO Zuzana

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