Autumn. 🍁

It's raining out as I'm writing this post. The weather was simply gorgeous last weekend and I'm thankful that I got to spend it in the open air. What a perfect stretch of warm days, so called 'Indian Summer'. ☀️ The pictures I'm about to share, will hopefully get you excited for the Fall season (if you aren't already). They were all taken at a secret place. I decided not to show where exactly this area is as I consider it a little secret. My haven. I think we all should have some place outdoors, where we can always run to when we're tired of people and crowds. It's a very quiet and peaceful walk. I used to go there a lot in the Summer, but I feel like it's even more beautiful  now, in the Fall. This place also proves that you really don't have to travel too far from the city centre to find yourself a quiet forest. This is about 40 minutes away from Prague by a train. If you're expecting to spend some quality time in the nature, surrounded by nothing but sounds of the falling leaves, it's the perfect month to do so! Don't forget to pack some snacks and a good tea with you. There's nothing better than watching all the shades of red and yellow while sipping on your favorite warm drink. Please enjoy these Autumn pics that I took while feeling extremely happy. It's beginning to smell a lot like Fall and I love it! Make sure you manage to take a long walk in the nature this season - don't miss out on the colors and smells that this time of the year has to offer. πŸ‚

'Autumn, the season that teaches us that change can be beautiful.'

Have you ever tried a rose hip tea? Now it's the season to go pick them and enjoy their benefits. Rose hip is very rich in antioxidants and supports a healthy immune system. Read about how to make a rose hip tea.
 I have to admit that the van life has been on my mind recently. If I ever learn to drive, I think it would be because I want to buy one and live in it. Who knows? Maybe I will do it one day. πŸ˜Š
Hard to believe these gorgeous leaves are basically dead and fallen. They seem pretty alive to me when I see them dancing in the wind. When you look closely at them though, you can see the black spots. It looks like they have some kind of a disease, but they're just on their way out...
Fall walks are the most beautiful. ❤️
These cute two puppies were staring as we were eating walnuts from a pack. Yes, grabbing our snack from the package was quite noisy and the dogs were probably hoping they'd get some treats. So cute! I really wish I was at the point in life where I could get a puppy. I'll be then deciding between a Husky, Australian Shepherd and Finnish Lapphund. Maybe I'll get them all, and one Akita Inu on top of it. πŸΆ
What a lovely Lamium plant growing happily in the wild.
This is a view I can never get enough of. I could just stand there for hours and watch the yellow leaves fall. Undescribable feeling. I feel so connected with nature.
As soon as we set up the gas warmer to make a tea, a leaf fell in the water. Tasted delicious, haha! πŸ‚
So many shades of red. So stunning.
My favorite oolong tea tastes even better when drank outdoors. Try it for yourself!
If you can't remember how freshly cut trees smell like, you NEED to go in the forest right now. It's not just lovely to look at the tree circles and count their ages, but it smells so fresh. Reminds me of Christmas. πŸŒ²
Happy Sunday! XO Zuzana

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  1. It's wonderful that you found your own secret place for your photoshoot!
    I have never had a rose hip tea, but it sounds very tasty and healthy!
    I already take supplemental vitamin C with rose hips,
    but had never thought gathering wild rose hips for rose hip tea.
    Although I heard it mentioned in a TV series I watched on NetFlix recently
    I haven't ever had oolong tea either.
    It sounds relaxing to be sipping on outdoors.
    Your autumn photos are fabulous!
    Happy autumn!!!

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  2. Amazing pictures! So vibrant and rich. Fall is my favorite season for the same reason. Those puppies were cute!

  3. Nice pictures! I love autumn!




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